Another “Conservative” outed as a Liberal mole

alise mills liberal party strategist

A while back I warned anyone who cared to listen that former “Conservative strategist” Ken Boessenkool was a phony which was proven true when he joined the corrupt BC Liberals as Christy Clark’s chief of staff (see here) until he played ‘happy-hands’ with a female Liberal staffer in a bar after a day drinking on the golf course with journos (see here).

And now we have another one of these BC Liberals in Conservative clothing who has fully exposed herself.

Alise Mills runs around pretending to be a Conservative in the media when it suits her purpose such as appearances as a frequent guest on Sun News David Akin’s program Battleground like when she tellingly played-down the BC Rail scandal as an election issue (see here).

I had tried to tell some BC Conservative operatives and MLA candidates about her after she saddled-up to them when their polling numbers were looking decent but they chose to side with Mills and instead, attack me. Hopefully for them they didn’t feed her too much because if they did, it will now be used against them as Mills is openly back inside the BC Liberal Party.

The Globe and Mail’s Justine Hunter was invited to a strategy meeting for Liberal minister Mary Polak’s election campaign team and quelle surprise, look who was there:

the Today’s BC Liberals logo is played down. “A little bit of a rebrand,” says Alise Mills, Ms. Polak’s communications guru. “There’s a freshness there.” (see here)

Betcha there are some red-faced BC Conservatives this morning trying to remember what info they gave Mills.

Also: For some background on Mills, check out her involvement in this dirty online gambling venture:

About this time, Alise Mills, a Vancouver public relations specialist and occasional radio and television political commentator, became a director and vice-president of corporate communications.

Her arrival was the first hint that Dion was working behind the scenes. Two years earlier, Mills had held a similar position with the World Bingo League Co. Inc. (a.k.a. World Entertainment Corp. and World Mobile Network Corp.), which featured Dion as president and controlling shareholder.

World Bingo was a disaster for investors. As detailed in my column last Saturday, Dion told prospective investors that, within three years, the company’s online bingo games would generate $54 million in revenues and $17 million in net profits. In fact, the company didn’t generate a cent of revenues. (see here)


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  1. Sue Says:

    Further to the quotes above, Baines has done excellent (although often too breathless) reporting over the years chronicling a roque’s gallery of junior stock promoters from Vancouver, that have graced the old VSE and the OTC Market in the US.

    But casting Elise Mills, who appears to be just a “nominal director” (I searched SEC and CDNX filings), as a main villian, when she was really just their communications/investor relations person, is a stretch and is just guilt first by association.

    C’mon Blue, companies do fail but during this time frame, there was a worldwide financial meltdown; when no one, particularly junior companies of all stripes could not get financed and therefore had no hope of fulfilling their business plans. Actually few junior companies to this day still cannot get easily financed. Even for very well proven projects. Strange ones like Mr. Dion’s would now be virtually impossible to get financed publicly. I would hazard to guess that Ms. Mills chose poorly but Howe Street is littered with well meaning “little people” like her, who provided a myriad of grunt work for Vancouver’s many many penny stock promoters.

  2. DavidinNorthBurnaby (@DavidinNorthBur) Says:

    “Theres a freshness there”
    *snort* There’s a desperation there.

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