Press Gallery reporter asked female Conservative MP if she was married?


Over the Media Party brouhaha of Conservative minister Keith  Ashfield saying to  a high school student “you’ll make someone a great wife someday” (see here), apparently during a scrum with Conservative MP Michelle Rempel, a journalist asked her if she was married.

I have messaged Rempel to see if this was true and will update if I hear back from her.


10 Responses to “Press Gallery reporter asked female Conservative MP if she was married?”

  1. Jen Says:

    So what if Rempel is married or not- is the reporter a trans gender.

  2. Bocanut Says:

    Lisa Kirbie is taking credit on her blog for bringing this outrage to the forefront .
    I guess Lisa doesn’t remember her squeeze, Liberal spokespunk Winkie,AKA Warren Kinsella suggesting that Progressive Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod should be at home baking cookies instead of being in the Ontario Legislature.
    What’s that saying about people living in glass houses again?

  3. Hans Says:

    Why didn’t the reporter offer the following:

    “If you are rich, then I am single.”

    They can then run a story “The Great Canadian Parliamentarian Spouse Shopping Channel”…


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

  4. WTF Says:

    No ring…..

  5. John Says:

    I don’t understand the controversy. I mean, it all hinges on the assumption that being a wife is somehow not as distinguished a life choice, which is false. Would this controversy have erupted if the Minister had said something like: ‘you’ll make a great lawyer someday’? Sometimes, in trying to paint others as intolerant or otherwise ____-ist (fill in the blank), one reveals their own biases.

    • Anonymous Says:

      The “controversy” here is simply that these words were spoken by a Conservative. That’s it. Had a Pinhead Progressive said these things there would have been nothing to see here, the individual would have been praised for his “compassion”.

      • Jen Says:

        “ALL HANDS ON DECKS” “Calling on all reporters to go after the cpc”
        This has been going on since 2006, every day no matter what, the media will find or invent something anything to ‘bring the conservatives.THOSE ARE THEIR ORDERS.
        The media hails the opposition parties and no one, no one is going to stop them even if it is to ‘bring down canada at any possible way…just so to get rid of the conservatives. This is the job of the media.
        The ‘BEST’ part for the media and sad part for us canadians is that the media will feel the same pain as us. Not one reporter will escape the turmoil.

      • Sean M Says:

        Exactly! The media are outraged, outraged I tell ya”! What a pack of selective nit-wits the media are. Remember when Pat (f##k you) Martin of the NDP screamed at that Conservative woman to “shut up Candice, just shut up”! I believe her name was Candice Hepearn, sorry if that name is incorrect, she was the young woman that worked on repealing the LGR, and during an interview she was told to “just shut up” by Martin… not a peep from the media then, no feigned “outrage” from the media, or the opposition that time. This whole thing reeks of desperation from the left who are just dying to be “outraged” by conservatives. What a load of crap!

  6. frances10 Says:

    She’s married.

  7. Woody Says:

    Simple reply. Would everyone in the press gallery that is legally married please raise their hands.

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