CBC’s The National runs story featuring bullet-ridden Jesus Christ painting

cbc jesus christ

Remind me again if Peter Mansbridge ran those Danish Mohammed cartoons?

Watch the CBC segment here with the Jesus Christ bullet-ridden painting at apx the 1:25 mark


4 Responses to “CBC’s The National runs story featuring bullet-ridden Jesus Christ painting”

  1. jmw Says:

    Wonder if he’ll do a bullet-ridden painting of Mohammed? At least the personalities he has chosen to paint are already dead.

  2. dmorris Says:

    With just a bit of extrapolation, one can hypothesize the “artist” is advocating applying bullets,with force, to Christians,and as a clearly identifiable group,this is then ta-da “HATE”! Can we get the HRC’s opinion on this?

    Unless,of course,it’s acceptable to promote hatred of Christians and advocate for their slaughter by gunfire.

    • BC Blue Says:

      It’s easier than that – you must only think you have been subject to ridicule as a Christian…

      • MrEd Says:

        but as a Christian we are taught tolerance of others rights and beliefs… so we don’t generally go out and attack or threaten people with a violent action over expressing their personal ideas or expressing something we don’t support… as long as they aren’t busy stoning people for allowing themselves to be raped I really don’t take offence to what any limited individual may choose to do with the life…but then we’re also allowed to be sarcastic or have a limited sense of humour… freedom of choice and all

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