George Chuvalo’s family calls Toronto Star reporter “bottomfeeder, bloodsucker”


During a ceremony honouring Canadian boxing legend George Chuvalo to receive a key to the city by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, classless Toronto Star reporter David Rider asked Chuvalo about witnessing substance abuse from Ford:

“Mr. Chuvalo, you’ve fought against substance abuse; can you talk about that? And you’ve also known the Ford family — have you seen any evidence of it?”

“Mr. Chuvalo, you’ve talked about substance abuse. That’s your main focus. There’s a story in the Star today saying the mayor might have a problem or appears to have a problem with substance abuse.

“Have you seen any evidence of that?”

The only reason we found out who it was that acted in such an unprofessional way was because the National Post’s Christie Blatchford outed him (see here) and had the video of his disgusting behaviour posted online:

Chuvalo showed Rider what true class really is didn’t he?

I then started ripping into Rider on Twitter to which Chuvalo’s wife Joanne replied to me:


*Notice Joanne works to help people with substance abuse*

Rider owes George Chuvalo and his family a personal apology for acting so inappropriately. If he will not and if the Toronto Star doesn’t accept this TMZ-standard, they must force him or fire him.

Update: I had a lengthy back and forth with Executive Editor of the Toronto Star, Murdoch Davis on Twitter which ended with him refusing to even acknowledge that what Rider did was wrong and knowing that the Chuvalo family is angry:

star davis chuvalo

Update:  Star reporter David Rider jumped in on a Twitter exchange between myself and Joanne Chuvalo and not only refused to apologize, sneered at and mocked the request:

rider star chuvalo



20 Responses to “George Chuvalo’s family calls Toronto Star reporter “bottomfeeder, bloodsucker””

  1. dmorris Says:

    When I was a young kid,and an amateur boxer, George Chuvalo was the hero of all of us kids who boxed. Chuvalo was a champion who fought with the heart of a true warrior. He is a classy gentleman who has overcome so much tragedy in his life.

    Only a complete ******* would do what this Reporter did, trying to elicit an embarrassing statement from the man of the hour against the Mayor. I was very pleased by Chuvalo’s response.

    The reporter should be ashamed of himself for trying to make what should have been a very positive event into another public attack on Rob Ford, but then most of today’s MSM Reporters don’t seem to have any sense of shame.

    I’m glad Ford called them,”pathological liars” and invited them to sue him over the remark.

  2. Grant Says:

    Bloodsucker, bottomfeeder……Chuvalo is only making common use of synonyms for “left-wing journalist”; hell for any lefttard.

    Case in point –

    Wow … creepy obsessive Dean Skoreyko thinks there are firing offenses for journos,… Paging Ezra Levant …— CC (@canadiancynic) March 27, 2013

  3. Martin Says:

    For a simple example of TorStar’s reporting standards, compare these two commentaries on Rob Ford vs Theresa Spence on ownership of a Cadillac Escalade:

    In the second link, Tim Harper actually castigates others for referring to Spence’s diet, appearance, vehicle etc. Quite the double standard.

  4. John Says:

    It’s too bad Ford didn’t give reporters another opportunity to ask him questions.

  5. Catfish Says:

    Ford could have prevented this problem by having a better relationship with the media. He should have spoken to reporters about the earlier story FIRST, then held the event for George Chuvalo. As long as Ford’s relationship with media consists of his coming to work through the back door, running away from reporters, and using celebrities like Chuvalo as a human shield-cum-photo op, then he’s going to get ambushed. Put the blame where it belongs, at the feet of the Mayor.

    • BC Blue Says:

      What a vile thing to say about Chuvalo. You think he’s the type of person who allows himself to be used huh?

    • john (not the john posting below - He's an idiot) Says:

      Piss off catfish. Journalists in Canada have proven themselves, many times over to be “bottom feeders”. I am repulsed by the slime that I read in the newspapers writen by sneering, useless weasels. “Better relationship with the media” ? Are you serious? Why? They hate him anyway! So why bother to kiss their a**es?

  6. jmw Says:

    Reporters and journos are not “entitled” to a response from an interviewee. With the calibre of reporting, lack of fact-checking and the endless appetite for sensationalism, I don’t blame any political figure for avoiding them like the plague. When there is a return to respect and non-bias by reporters and journos (not likely), they can expect some degree of respect in return. There are venues to do the hard-ball questions. This was not one of them.

    • John Says:

      No one said reporters were entitled to anything. Ford or his staff could have arranged another opportunity beforehand to answer questions. It’s not as if he had to think long and hard about his answer.

      And the reporters were always going to ask the question at the earliest opportunity. Ford’s staff thought that they could embarrass the reporters who did ask after the fact and they are trying very hard to do so.

      I expect Chuvalo has a tough skin. And it’s not as if he didn’t know the questions were coming. Bringing Chuvalo’s family into it as a way of painting him as a victim is just sad.

      • BC Blue Says:

        Playing gotcha journalism at an event celebrating a Canadian legend is sad. Your Ford-hatred is showing – again.

      • DYT Says:

        John 6:50pm, . You respond to jmw by saying “No one said reporters were entitled to anything”. Then you say that Ford was basically obligated to subject himself to a smear session before Chuvalo even spoke.

        Chuvalo’s family is right. Journalists ARE low lifes.

        • andycanuck Says:

          Let’s also not forget that the Star broke their anonymously-sourced hit piece only just that morning so spare us the “he was ducking it” attack as if the story had been around for a week. The story had only been out a few hours before the Chuvalo event was held.

          And you’re really telling us that Ford is a drunk but no one, ever, not even including the Star reporters tailing him 24/7 or political enemies at City Hall, have ever found him drunk and videotaped it e.g. by phone and no one thought to record him at the Garrison Ball?

          BTW, six of the Ball’s organizers have publicly gone on record (you know, as contrasted with anonymously) as saying Ford wasn’t asked to leave.

  7. DYT Says:

    Ford should have a trusted friend DELIBERATELY spread some outrageous lies about him. When the news dicks take the bait (you know they will). SUE THIER ASSES RIGHT OFF.

  8. mahmood Says:

    Still waiting for the Star to question Olivia about Jack’s sexual peccadilloes. Methinks I’ll see the Second Coming first.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    George did not know of any questions that were being directed at them…that is true…he saw the paper, but did not know reporters would interrupt cermemony for own personal gain…

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