Classless Toronto Star at it again – this time with Ralph Klein

klein star

For the passing of former Alberta premier Ralph Klein, the Toronto Star runs this photo of him.

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18 Responses to “Classless Toronto Star at it again – this time with Ralph Klein”

  1. Gerry Eisner Says:

    I’m torn on this. It’s pure Ralph, and he’s having a good time. I bet he’d get a chuckle out of it. Then again, at the time of one’s death, there are more appropriate choice.

  2. E Mac Says:

    And what would you expect from this rag-tag bunch?

  3. Alain Says:

    For the Red Star he had three points against him: he was a Jew, he was a Conservative Premier and he was from Alberta. Frankly I amazed that this rag is still in circulation.

  4. Bluehart (@Bluehart007) Says:

    I let Susan Delacourt know how I felt about this insensitive pic of Klein and asked her to extend my sentiments to her Star colleges.

    This rag has a high number of journalists who seem to think that it’s their god given right to lay a turd on someone’s front lawn and that the recipient is suppose to be a good sport and laugh. But when you gently rebuttal Gary Lautens sarcastic form of humor, you get blocked.

  5. Brian mouland Says:

    The Red Star makes TMZ look like great journalism

  6. E Mac Says:

    Yes, I lived on the WET coast during the Klein years. He was an icon in Alberta and achieved a lot for that province.
    The man was certainly an inspiration for two decades and did his best for what he believed in for Alberta.
    It’s such a shame for him to have died so young by todays standards.
    I’ll always remember his presser and the big sign – Debt paid/free province, unfortunately another era is upon us and things are not as peaches-and-cream as they once were in the past.
    RIP King Ralph.

  7. mel wilde Says:

    Dignity at the end of life is something the Toronto Star just does not understand. Very sad.

  8. Bec Says:

    Back then, as a young Mom of school aged children, Premier Ralph Klein breathed common sense into what had become obscene fiscal mismanagement and they got it. These same kids had seen some of their Fathers and Mothers lose their jobs, homes, lifestyles due to the NEP so ‘fiscal management’ was a no-brainer as being raised in AB during those times was a huge life lesson.

    Ralph was a real, true, honest, approachable man who deserves to be honoured with nothing but respect. He would give the middle finger to the scanky ‘Star’ and move on. I give them 2 middle fingers. One for total stupidity and another for total disrespect of this beloved MAN of the PEOPLE!

  9. RJ65 Says:

    Here I thought that good practice would be to show the person in a good light so soon after his passing, with the analysis of the legacy to start after the funeral. This lack of respect for the recently passed must be the new normal.

  10. Jen Says:

    When Ralph became a mayor, he saw to making calgary visible to the world; he went overseas to wellcome businesses to our city.
    When Ralph became premier he had a tough choice to make and so he told the public as he leaned forward on the speaking plupit ” we can continue with Getty’s debt to albertans or we can kill it but will be tough on us. We chose to kill the debt. Many Albertans, left the province..
    It took Albertans about twenty years to clean up the debt but we did it and dam proud of doing so.
    Rest in Peace Ralph. God Bless you.

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