Trudeau confirms he would kick out anti-abortion MPs from his caucus

trudeau abortion 1trudeau abortion

Quite the declaration from a practising Catholic – Media Party freedom fighters off for the long weekend…


6 Responses to “Trudeau confirms he would kick out anti-abortion MPs from his caucus”

  1. Jen Says:

    Like Muclair. That man does not allow his mps to vote their conscience on Abortion.
    I wonder bc blue, how many of the opposition parties voted for transparency bill C-27, to allow chiefs to reveal their books to the general natives on the reserves.

    I remember when Liberal Pat 0’BRIAN who refuse to support SSM bill was kicked out of PAUL Martin’s cabinet;
    Bev Dejaines who stood alone against SSM was kicked out of the NDP.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Top of my head, some Liberal MPs who would not be welcome in Trudeau’s caucus:

      Tom Wappel, Jim Karygiannis, Paul Szabo, John McKay

    • Pissedoff Says:

      Don’t Forget Nunziata, the only liberal to show any integrity in 33 yrs. It also appears Trudeau supports sex selective abortions.

  2. WTF Says:

    But isn’t that ruling with an iron fist stuff or is it called being ‘progressive’. I’m confused. Or maybe it is the fact that MPs are nobodies two steps off the Hill. Who said that again? 😉

  3. LynnS Says:

    So that’s what he means by “doing politics differently”. Did he learn that from Poppa Trudeau or Poppa Castro? That’s right liberal MP’s; when Justin say “we”, he’s not including you. That would be the royal “we” you hear.

  4. Hans Says:

    So this ‘practicing Catholic’ is bringing this policy issue up on Good Friday of HOLY WEEK…

    Well that is a pretty good way to abort your spiritual life…welcome to Hades ladies and gentlemen!

    Justin proving once again that he cares for nothing other than his own advancement.

    I wonder if the “L’Oreal elite” is using hair colour to cover his obvious bout of ‘blondness’.


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