Trudeaumania! Liberals sold only 219 tickets to 1,500 seat convention


Funny how the reality of Liberal membership sales and now convention tickets doesn’t match the Media Party’s narrative that Trudeaumania is sweeping across Canada:

The venue for the showcase, Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre, has a 1,500-seat capacity, but a Liberal Party spokesman said as of Wednesday night, only 219 of the $150 tickets had been sold. (see here)

But please, tell me again how Justin Trudeau is poised to become Canada’s next prime minister.



iPod tax story proven false yet NDP leave libellous statement on website


The Globe and Mail remains the only media organization to have issued a retraction (see here) for the iPod tax story based on a falsehood by assistant professor at the Richard Ivey School of Business, Mike Moffat.

Tin-foil hatters such as the National Post’s Andrew Coyne thought it was some sort of conspiracy as to why the Globe pulled it:


Other news outlets have allowed this untrue story to stand:

CBC –  iPod tax called an ‘accidental’ part of 2013 budget (see here)

Brandon Sun – Budget raised tariff on iPods, but may have been a mistake: professor (see here)

Macleans – Does the budget implement an iPod tax? (see here)

But the worse offender is the NDP who still have this posted on their website:

ndp ipod tax lie

I’ve asked NDP revenue critic Murray Rankin this:

rankinAlthough instead, I would much rather the Conservatives hit the NDP with a lawsuit.

NDP premier smears town as “racist and homophobic” over hearsay


NDP Premier Greg Selinger has no issue playing nasty, divisive politics as he basically calls the entire town of Morris, Manitoba a hotbed of bigotry:

“Congrats Mayor (Gavin) van der Linde & Morris on stand against racism and homophobic bullying. Lunch at Pots N Hands next week during flood prep,”

So, what made Morris the Mississippi Burning of Canada? Turns out it was a gay restaurant owner blaming his failed business on redneck townsfolk:

Selinger’s decision followed news that Dave Claringbould and his partner were closing Pots N Hands just four months after opening, because of insults that had been hurled their way. Their final day will be April 13.

Claringbould, 35, said one customer asked him if there was anything contagious on a plate because a gay couple had prepared it. Other customers simply stopped coming after finding out the owners are gay.

Maybe this happened, maybe it didn’t but for a premier to throw an entire town in his province to the media wolves in order to pander for city votes is stunning to say the least.

And just in case you think the ‘Conservatives’ are much better:

“It’s always disappointing when people conduct themselves in a way that doesn’t reflect the reality that you should treat other people like you yourself would be treated,” Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister said Thursday. (see here)

Update: The National Post editors have now called Morris a town full of bigots (see here)

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