iPod tax story proven false yet NDP leave libellous statement on website


The Globe and Mail remains the only media organization to have issued a retraction (see here) for the iPod tax story based on a falsehood by assistant professor at the Richard Ivey School of Business, Mike Moffat.

Tin-foil hatters such as the National Post’s Andrew Coyne thought it was some sort of conspiracy as to why the Globe pulled it:


Other news outlets have allowed this untrue story to stand:

CBC –  iPod tax called an ‘accidental’ part of 2013 budget (see here)

Brandon Sun – Budget raised tariff on iPods, but may have been a mistake: professor (see here)

Macleans – Does the budget implement an iPod tax? (see here)

But the worse offender is the NDP who still have this posted on their website:

ndp ipod tax lie

I’ve asked NDP revenue critic Murray Rankin this:

rankinAlthough instead, I would much rather the Conservatives hit the NDP with a lawsuit.


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  1. LynnS Says:

    It’s becoming more obvious that the Liberals, the NDP and their media lackeys will combine to employ a Toronto Star/Rob Ford type war of character assassination and falsehoods against the Prime Minister and any high profile conservatives they can harass along the way. It deserves an equal response.

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