NDP premier smears town as “racist and homophobic” over hearsay


NDP Premier Greg Selinger has no issue playing nasty, divisive politics as he basically calls the entire town of Morris, Manitoba a hotbed of bigotry:

“Congrats Mayor (Gavin) van der Linde & Morris on stand against racism and homophobic bullying. Lunch at Pots N Hands next week during flood prep,”

So, what made Morris the Mississippi Burning of Canada? Turns out it was a gay restaurant owner blaming his failed business on redneck townsfolk:

Selinger’s decision followed news that Dave Claringbould and his partner were closing Pots N Hands just four months after opening, because of insults that had been hurled their way. Their final day will be April 13.

Claringbould, 35, said one customer asked him if there was anything contagious on a plate because a gay couple had prepared it. Other customers simply stopped coming after finding out the owners are gay.

Maybe this happened, maybe it didn’t but for a premier to throw an entire town in his province to the media wolves in order to pander for city votes is stunning to say the least.

And just in case you think the ‘Conservatives’ are much better:

“It’s always disappointing when people conduct themselves in a way that doesn’t reflect the reality that you should treat other people like you yourself would be treated,” Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister said Thursday. (see here)

Update: The National Post editors have now called Morris a town full of bigots (see here)


19 Responses to “NDP premier smears town as “racist and homophobic” over hearsay”

  1. Mary T Says:

    Anyone think the food was not great at that restaurant. 4 months and calling it quits. It usually takes at least a year for a new business to get their customer base.

    • Brianmouland Says:

      I am thinking the whole homophobia thing might be a deflection by the owners for making a bad business decision

  2. Fay Says:

    In rural Manitoba we call this attitude perimeteritis!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t know the details,and if I rely on the MSM, never will, but I wonder what the quality of the FOOD at the restaurant was,and also if the people who dealt directly with the customers were A-1.

    Most restaurants fail due to poor food and/or poor service,or because they try to sell a type of food that just isn’t popular with the locals. It IS a stretch to assume the townsfolk stayed away because of the owners were gay. I have to ask,how would the customers know the owners were gay, were they flagrant like the guys in the Pride parades?

    There used to be a good blog here at BT,called “Hinchey’s Store”,the owner was a town councillor in Morris,Manitoba. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s in business anymore. If he was we would find out the whole story on this, not the MSM line, which is about as reliable as Axis Sally.

  4. jmw Says:

    You need thick skin to own and run a restaurant–people feel free to insult the food, the service, the bill, and so on. Apparently this couple couldn’t handle it. It is a stretch to assume it was because they were gay. Get over yourselves.

    • Brianmouland Says:

      No matter how good your restaurant you will get the complainers to use a bad pun if you cant handle the heat get out of the kitchen

  5. max Says:

    Well perhaps it’s time to file a human rights complaint against the town of Morris. Or a provincial gay tax to subsidize such restaurants.

    • andycanuck Says:

      Make attendance compulsory just like school Gay-Straight Alliances in Ontario.

  6. Kelowna Lorne Says:

    Considering Morris MB has a population of 1700 I suspect they went out of business because the population base was too small to support another restaurant. I’d love to see a menu with prices, and compare with the other established restaurants in town. Judging from the tripadvisor.ca review Pots N Hands sounds a bit upscale for a farming town of 1700. The majority of new restaurants fail. I’ll bet there are a lot more reasons than alleged bigotry that this restaurant is closing. But then we’ll probably never get the whole story.

  7. MadTrucker Says:

    Like the majority of commentors here, I tend to agree that the real reasons for the failure is being skirted. Food quality, service, menu, location, any or all, take your pick.

    Or how about this: I’m not bothered whatsoever by gays, but ACTIVISTS irritate me to the core. It doesn’t matter what cause they espouse, I don’t want to be bombarded by anyone’s petty political fetishes, I just want to be left alone.

    If these guys were seriously concerned about operating a quality establishment, where would their gayness even factor in unless they forced the issue? The story they’re telling just doesn’t ring true.

    • Brianmouland Says:

      Had the same problem when a woman from a visible minority ran a restaurant in my city a few years ago. Her business went belly up due to bad food, poor service and mistreatment of her employees. Of course all the big city progressives that my small city was full of racists. I worked in restaurants for years and frankly as a owner if you are going to let a couple of nasty comments bother you you should probably look into making a career choice

  8. Alain Says:

    Typical of the NDP who would probably want a law forcing people to eat there. This is just too stupid for words. It is called the free market where people decide to frequent or not to frequent a restaurant for whatever reason. The reason matters not one bit. The city/town near to where I live has all kinds of businesses; some succeed and some fail. End of story.

  9. Ian Says:

    I think politicians of all stripes should stay out of it. They only get involved because they think they have to. If there are no laws being broken then butt out.

  10. Ian Says:

    I’m surprised a dipper would be caught wearing a dead animal on his head.

  11. Brianmouland Says:

    There had been a few other restaurants that failed at this location; which was not mentioned by the MSM

  12. marryt Says:

    In a large city one can have a bad restaurant, with few repeat customers, and survive for a while. In a small town it is much different as friends tell friends and family about bad food, bad service etc, and there are no new customers to bring in.
    Telling a customer not to come back as they folded the newspaper wrong after reading it killed one in our town, after posting signs telling parents to keep their kids quiet.
    Then you have a cafe where the coffee crowd go every morning and afternoon, sit and drink numerous cups for 1.00 each session. And if women go for coffee it is 1.25/cup plus .25 for a refill, with or without a meal.

    • Brianmouland Says:

      A small town restaurants lifeblood are the regulars, make them mad and you will be looking for another line of employment

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