Margaret Thatcher dies but guess what Trudeau tweets first?

trudeau thatcher

I guess someone finally woke up Justin Trudeau but forgot to tell him what was in the news this morning?

h/t @robbincanada

Two perfect examples of a PM Trudeau – yesterday’s Pi gaffe (see here) and today, missing in action on Thatcher death

Update: 9 hours later, Trudeau finally got around to it

trudeau thatcher


13 Responses to “Margaret Thatcher dies but guess what Trudeau tweets first?”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Well, Simple Simon met a Pi-man…….
    Of course he’s not really “officially” the leader of the LPC, he has yet to be crowned so really the LPC have no one speaking for them, they have no one at the helm unless Rae still has one hand on it in which case he should be making a statement.

  2. LynnS Says:

    Sucking up again. It must be hard on him to be upstaged by Ralph Klein and Margaret Thatcher.. I look forward to his statement on International Secretary’s Day.

  3. DrewT Says:


  4. Liz J Says:

    We know of the Trudeau admiration for Fidel Castro but did/does Trudeau even know who Margaret Thatcher was?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I believe theres a very good chance that No.2 Turd doesn’t even know who Margaret Thatcher was … If it hasn’t been scripted for him, he’s completely lost. Even when it is scripted for him, No.2 is still lost, thus his inane comments and inability to understand the difference between “decibel” and “decimal”… Like his hideous Father, No. 2 is an actor, and actors sometimes get their scripted lines wrong. No.2 was reciting a scripted answer designed to make him look “smart and junk”, but he flubbed his lines resulting in the opposite, while forcing the media to dutifully and predictably go into “nothing to see here mode”. The Liberals and their media are relying on No. 2’s substitute drama teacher acting chops and his detestable name to sell the diseased Liberal brand, unfortunately for them, No.2 is not the actor his hideous Father was. No.2 should stick to saying nothing, proposing nothing and doing nothing, trying to look “smart and stuff” is not going to help him, or the media trying to sell him.

  6. Thucydides Says:

    Get used to the Legacy media exercising extreme control of the narrative where the Young Dauphin is concerned. If the Legacy Media are concerned about the “Iron control” Prime Minister Harper has on his caucus, I think it is because they are projecting the rigid self control they need to promote Progressive causes, and hide Progressive political scandals and failure.

  7. Brianmouland Says:

    Such a silly Shiny Pony

  8. Bec Says:

    A serious MIS-take and why tweeting non-stop, LUVING the camera, the sound of your voice, your famous name and MANE can often make you look really unschooled, undignified and un-leadership-ish.
    Check, check check………and check.

  9. Donny Says:

    Tru-deux – No thanks.

  10. TangJuliette Says:

    Hey! Did anyone notice that Sunday/Monday also happened to be Holocaust Remembrance Day? Dauphin’s wisdom ought to truly impress my “hebraicque” clan. Old Hollywood axiom: “Once an actor, always a waiter.” Tho I doubt that the Doff could even make it as a busboy, which is why the libranoid backroom inner-circle is trying to fix him up with the lifetime gig of Fearless, Much Beloved and Dimpled Leder of the Sponsorship Graft & Corruption Party.

  11. Liz J Says:

    Justin once declared he would support Quebecers if they voted to separate from Canada. Perhaps we better keep an eye out for Justin and Pauline Marois doing a pas de deux, she’s likely to support his bid for leadership on that declaration alone.
    How many more seppies will he draw to his quest for the brass ring and leader of the circus?

  12. gerry from gta Says:

    Baron Thatcher raised Britain from the dirt of years of failed socialism. Britain is the sucess it is today because of her.

    Canada is a mess today because of P.E. Trudeau and his finance minister J. Chretien who ran Canada into major debt — the first since WW2. Funny how the media ignores that. I recently returned from Calgary — was there in 1982 when the NEP decimated the economy and was working for Dome Petroleum. That economy did not recover till post 2000 — 20 years of a depressed economy when Quebec & Ontario were booming. People were driving older cars for years.

    Believe me, Justin’s father’s policies are not forgotten in Alberta. The name is not a benefit.

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