Why is the CBC refusing to give off-shore tax haven list to Feds?

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Is the CBC protecting employees, political friends, business partners… (see here)


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  1. Guffman Says:

    Who the hell is running this country, the government or the CBC??. Seems they’re continually hiding information of every type and the government can’t, or won’t, do a thing about it – salaries, expenses, budgets, and now offshore tax cheats, And we know the ones who hide money offshore are the ones who can most afford to pay their taxes… and if they’re not paying their fair share, the rest of us have to make up for that lost revenue.
    When is this government going to bring this publicly funded corporation under control and force them to be accountable for EVERYTHING they do, and spend, OR just stop the one billion+ dollars a year and let them operate without taxpayers money?!

    • WTF Says:

      Also when is Harper going to break the unwritten ‘you don’t out past Governments’ rule and let fly all the Libranos skeletons?

  2. Pissedoff Says:

    They are doing it because Harper does not have the balls of Maggie Thatcher to do anything about it.

  3. Sean M Says:

    The CBC is like a criminal organization forcibly funded by the Canadian taxpayer, and unaccountable to anyone. What on Earth does it take for the supposed “conservative” Government to hold this diseased organization to account? The CBC is right, they have James Moore “trained well”. Sickening!

  4. don morris Says:

    Harper may be reluctant to force the issue because there are probably lots of Conservatives in the list. Why wouldn’t there be,many conservatives ARE businessmen,and they have the money to want to hide from the taxman,just as much as any Liberal.

    Crooks come in every political persuasion, except,of course for the NDP and Greens who are only out to save us little people, and the planet.

    And I have to agree with “guffman”,who the hell IS running the Country,government or CBC?

  5. paulsstuff Says:

    Most of the rules regading tax havens were put in place by Chretien/Martin in the late 90’s. Therefore it’s probably a safe guess that many on that list have ties to the Liberal Party. Surprised nobody has mentioned the Canadian family that was allowed to move millions out of Canada with the blessing of Chretien/Martin. While the family name was never revealed at the time it was alleged to be the Bronfman family. It was never proven due to privacy laws.

    • Ian Says:

      Martin was the king of moving income to tax havens. Didn’t he register all his Canada Steamships vessels in the Carribean to avoid paying Canadian taxes?

  6. old white guy Says:

    if the governments did not squander our money on complete b.s. then we would not feel the need to keep as much of OUR money as we can. it is not the people,s money, it is not the government’s money, it is OUR money.

  7. Jen Says:

    CBC may control canada air waves and who gets to run the airwaves of their choice and not the public very much like they did with SNN.
    BUT, outside entities control CBC; they tell CBC what must be said and done and I wouldn’t be surprised that CBC are also paid by them (IMO)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    government to CBC, “I believe our 1 billion payment to your corp will be just enough to cover the tax cheats, thanks for paying their taxes.

  9. frances10 Says:

    When you file your tax return each spring, you must answer the following question: “Did you own or hold foreign property at any time in 2012 with a total cost of more than CAN$100,000?” Yes or No

    If yes then you have to fill out form T1135 even if you had no income from said property.

    “If you had dealings with a non-resident trust or corporation in 2012, see ‘Foreign income’ in the guide.” Page 10 of the guide gives further details as to what one is required to report with respect to offshore holdings.

    At any rate, at the end of the form (or on the T183 if one is efiling), a signature is required under the line “I certify that the information given on this return and in any documents attached is correct, complete, and fully discloses all my income.” Canada taxes on residency, and a resident is required to report income from all sources WORLDWIDE.

    It is not illegal to have off-shore accounts or trusts; it is, however, illegal to not report the existence of same; and it’s TAX EVASION if the income from offshore sources doesn’t hit the T1.

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