Trudeau busting a dance move


This is helpful right?


Postmedia editor calls CBC’s Stroumboulopoulos “beloved”


In what may be the perfect example of who the Canadian media is hiring nowadays  as editors, is Postmedia’s Miranda Furtado.

Furtado caught my attention after writing this:

Canada’s beloved CBC host, George Stroumboulopoulos, is making the move to south of the border to CNN. (see here)

In the circles I travel in, Stroumboulopoulos is anything but “beloved” and after pointing that out to Furtado, she responded with what I would call at best, like a teenager and not a professional editor of one of Canada’s largest media organizations:


So I took a look at the website babesdigsballs (cute huh?) which Furtado lists herself as the “Creator and Babely Boss” and found her latest video posted:

Yup, you just saw what the future of Canadian journalism looks like.

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