Trudeau busting a dance move


This is helpful right?


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  1. Greg Renouf Says:

    Oh, he’s such a dreamboat…

  2. Guffman Says:

    The Globe & Mail postulates that this may be JT’s “defining moment”… that’s a laugh.
    Looks like he might be dancing to that 19 decibel PI music!

  3. Agent Smith Says:

    Oh how i wish i cud so be like him sigh…..

  4. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    No. but it could be the Globe and Mail’s defining moment.

    Stay tuned for hundreds of more fluffy pieces on Trudeau and his wife and kids in the next two years….

    • Ian Says:

      First it’s ,”just watch me”, now a little dance (minus the pirouette), and next he’ll give a westerner the Trudeau salute. Then he’ll have done it all.

  5. Michael Harkov Says:

    Heh……so…..THATS what an empty suit dancing looks like.

  6. Nick Kram Says:

    Ian, I’m sure we’ll soon get to hear Justin’s version of the “fuddle-duddle,” made famous by Poppa

  7. mahmood Says:

    Liberal version of Punch and Judy but who’s pulling the strings making them dance is the $64,000.00 question.

  8. Liz J Says:

    Rehearsing for a stint on Dancing with the stars perhaps?

  9. Jen Says:

    Trudeau has a lot of time on his hands to fool around; he only appeared in the HOC whenever it suited him.
    Thinking of him being given permission to roam the country charging a fee for speaking engagements while he gets a salary of $156,000+ as a back-bencher mp; then I think that all back benchers mps to do the same.

  10. Jen Says:

    Trudeau doesn’t have to work hard at all since he pointed out already, that he will join the ‘SEPARATIST PARTY’ to separate from the rest of canada or join the COALITION PARTIES. And like he always keep saying ‘ I am doing it for my people of papineu’..

  11. Bocanut Says:

    What’s the bet that The Shiny Pony knew the camera was on him before he did his impromptu “Dancing with the Liberal Star”?

  12. Bec Says:

    Very DRAMAtic. I’ve seen people do this sort of thing and the one common denominator is they are all people who need to be the centre of attention, dominate conversations and their whole primary goal is ‘look at me, look at me’………no humility.

  13. don morris Says:

    I must ask the Trudeau-worshippers, if the “people’s choice” candidate DOES actually win the PM’s job,what happens then?

    What are his plans for dealing with: immigration, justice, education,the environment, free trade,pipelines, marketing boards, Bill C-68, gun control, sub-prime mortgages, public service Unions, military procurements, the Indian Reserve situation, global warming/climate change, carbon taxes, cap and trade, Kyoto,the UN, peacekeeping ,youth unemployment, the permanently unemployed, mentally ill living in our streets, etc., etc.

    The job Justin, is complex,and you have to have some idea of how to proceed on these subjects,and hundreds more. This is a lot more difficult than dealing with the trials of a part-time drama teacher.

    Now if you had a business background to fall back on Justin, I might have some trust in your ability to manage this job, but you sailed through life,the playboy son of a multimillionaire dilletante whose foray into politics is still being questioned to this day.

    If you have no idea of how to lead the Country,in whose name are you going to lead Canada, Paul Desmarais,the Bombardiers, the Aspers,and the rest of the Country’s liberal elite? We got into enough trouble doing that the first time around.

  14. ohboy Says:

    Ah…the idle rich…where one’s only concern is boredom.
    These two bring to mind shades of Louis XVI and his queen Antoinette.
    Well I guess we had mr debonair and his ‘hippie’ chick in the 70’s…so why not idol royalty in the 2nd millennium?!
    Thoughtful comment don morris.

  15. Sean M Says:

    No doubt the Turdo media will love this latest example of No.2’s complete vapidity and general clownishness. I don’t know which of these two dingbats looks more ridiculous, No.2, or his crazy wife. A couple of self important superficial nit-wits… God help us if the media manage to get this twit elected to the PMO… if that happens, honestly, I give up any hope for this nation. Wasn’t one gigantic Trudeau turd enough?

  16. Barry Says:

    While I certainly enjoy checking out the blog Dean, I have been puking more often the more the shiny pony is highlighted. This is going to be a very tough two years to stomach. The only thing keeping me going is knowing Canadians cannot be that stupid to elect him PM. Right?

  17. Baylee Says:

    Dean you share with us some of the best dance moves. I love it.

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