CBC going ape over RBC foreign workers yet they do the same thing


Leading the media onslaught over the Royal Bank of Canada’s hiring of foreign workers is the CBC’s Kathy Tomlinson:


One problem though, the CBC does it too:

A spokesman for the CBC said the broadcaster used the program six times last year: Hockey Night in Canada hired three hockey personalities under the temporary foreign worker program, while the public broadcaster also brought in three specialized equipment operators from the U.S. for its broadcast of the Canadian Country Music Awards. (see here)

I’ve asked Tomlinson:

1) Found anyone who lost their jobs from CBC hiring temporary foreign workers?

2) What are the fines if CBC’s foreign workers break their contracts?

I’ll get back to you when she answers.


7 Responses to “CBC going ape over RBC foreign workers yet they do the same thing”

  1. Ian Says:

    Didn’t you know the CBC’s favorite expression is, “do as I say, not as I do”

  2. CQ Says:

    From CBC Business news anchor (and former Bell Media BNN host) Amanda Lang’s, Globe and Mail column of Fri. April 12th, ‘Let’s worry about skills, not outsourcing’ :
    – Information technology workers displaced in Canada are being replaced not by cheap Indian workers but by better ones. India has emerged as a centre of excellence in applications development, for instance, and so a business needing the very best in that field will seek it out.
    source link: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/commentary/lets-worry-about-skills-not-outsourcing/article11084876/

  3. Jen Says:

    Who or what controls CBC from outside canada?

  4. jon Says:

    Good luck in getting answers, Dean. With a flip of the bird, she’ll say, “only a judge” can force us to hand over that information.

  5. Exurban Says:

    I loathe and despise the CBC, but if they’re going to attack something, let it be the temporary worker program. This is an abomination that is driving down the wages and employment opportunities of Canadians. Stephen Harper and his government need to wake up to this or their political careers will end up like Mitt Romney’s, and for the same reason. Their natural supporters will not bother to vote because they do not believe the Conservative Party represents their interests. So, the CBC and the unions litigating against HD Mining are actually doing us all a favor.

  6. gerry from gta Says:

    I actually believe in the concept of qualified people being hired. Unfortunately that does not exist in Canada as long as the Employment Equity Act of 1996 exists. It favours four groups, women, visible minorities, native Canadians and disabled people.

    I know dozens of Canadian born Canadian educated engineers with many years of experience that are unemployed despite their fields being declared as “critical shortage areas”. What is wrong with this picture?

    I will tell you five anecdotes out of several dozen I have:

    [1] I applied to an NRC facility out west — I knew by the job description I was the only one in Canada that had the experience as they were requesting two fields that did not mix. I by chance had those two fields — I knew the combination was very rare. HRDC was ecstatic as they did not think they would find somebody — I was the only one who had the diverse qualifications. They contacted me and said an interview was in the works — 2 days later I was phoned by the same people saying the position was being cancelled but would be re-issued in 2 weeks time and be sure to apply again. Sure enough, the position was re-issued with all the exact same technical qualifications except one line — “non qualified visible minorities would be given priority over qualified personnel”. Needless to say I applied and never even made the short list. The facility was 90% China born Chinese and the person they hired was a China born Chinese.

    [2] I was working for an alternate energy company circa 2000. I was managing the engineering group and required extra staff. HR posted a job by my request and then several weeks later provided me with a list of 400+ engineers where not a single one was Canadian born and not a single one was Canadian educated. I was baffled as the company had a high profile. I went thru the resumes and they did not cut it experience & education wise. I pushed HR to tell me why there were no Canadian citizens in the list — we regularly sent engineers to customer sites in the USA & Europe thus a Canadian passport would be required. No answers. I went to the President and was told that they are only hiring immigrants non-citizens who were visible minorities due to a Government grant program that payed 50% of the wage. This was under Chretien. I was forced to hire staff that I could not send to customer sites. They later hired 3 people to replace me using the same government program. Needless to say this company nearly got delisted from NASDAQ due to poor management. But it was the government programs that still exist to this very day that lured management to make “ethnic targeted” hiring a priority.

    [3] I was working for a major software vendor that was not Microsoft — Government officials visited, stated that they did not meet their “quota” of visible minorities. Shortly after a survey was sent out to all Canadian employees which required a mandatory reply and with a threat that if not filled in would be considered a “non cooperative attitude” and thus affect bonuses and raises. In essence the survey asked the four questions whether one belonged to the four categories of the employment equity act of 1996. Within a month or so, white males over 40 were being terminated and new staff that were visible minorities were hired. Tell me this does not wreak.

    [4] In the last 15 months I applied to 550+ jobs for an area there is an “acute” shortage in Southern Ontario. Not a single interview or even an acknowledgement that a resume was received. By chance in March I applied to 3 aerospace jobs with 3 different companies but applied thru an American head office website — All 3 cases I was contacted within 24 hours to arrange for phone interviews by American company HR. I interviewed in all 3 cases and was told it was being passed on to Canadian HR departments with high recommendations. Needless to say it dropped dead after in all 3 companies. In all 3 cases the original American HR company contacts apologized for what happened. I got the impression in all 3 cases I was rejected outright by Canadian HR departments. I suspect the employment equity law came into play.

    [5] After all the experiences I had I decided to look westward. I attended a job fair for Syncrude. I figured my past experience with an oil company would be good plus certain job skills training I received would be an in. The engineer I met with said covertly yes under normal circumstances I would be of interest to the company but I was of “the wrong skin colour” and that they had a federal government quota to meet. Thus I was not to expect a follow-on — no follow-on was received.

    In essence, Canadian born, Canadian educated white males are persona non gratta in the job sector.

    What it tells me is the employment equity act of 1996 has to go and hiring based on experience & qualifications becomes the major hiring criterion and not false criterion of race, gender, & disabilities.

    The RBC “scandal” should be an awakener to unfair job practices in Canada. It runs much deeper than that.

    I had hoped that once the Conservatives got elected would overturn the insanity of the employment equity act. It seems louring immigrant votes is more important than a market driven job market that is free from government imposed quotas.

    I have many more anecdotes of my job hunting experience.

    It is appalling. I am now a believer that Canadian citizenship no longer is an advantage.

  7. Kathy Tomlinson Says:

    I only saw this now so sorry for the late reply. I have never looked into whether the CBC uses temporary foreign workers, but I do know (now) that many corporations do. The issue with RBC was of course that people were losing their jobs as a result, that is why it was the focus of our initial story.

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