After interview question on terrorism, this “Shiny Pony” stuff about Trudeau is no longer funny


After retrieving my jaw off the floor, it really sunk home that the idea of Justin Trudeau becoming Prime Minister of Canada is seriously (and deadly) scary.


Notice that Trudeau didn’t even consider that his job as PM is for the safety of Canadian citizens. The thought never crossed his mind until CBC’s Peter Mansbridge fed it to him as a follow-up question. (see here apx 13:10 mark)

Update: Harper rips Trudeau for his comments:

“When you see this kind of action, when you see this kind of violent act, you do not sit around trying to rationalize it or make excuses for it or figure out its root causes,” Harper said.

“You condemn it categorically and to the extent that you can deal with the perpetrators you deal with them as harshly as possible and that is what this government would do if it ever was faced with such actions.(see here)


52 Responses to “After interview question on terrorism, this “Shiny Pony” stuff about Trudeau is no longer funny”

  1. Liz J Says:

    We can only hope those who listened to the interview were able to see beyond the shine and grasp the magnitude of what he said and how it would affect the safety of this country. If so, he should not be rising in the polls the meddling pollsters are pushing.
    What’s even more scary he’s probably in sinc with the ideology of the NDP on this one, making it one less hurdle to them becoming a coalition of the Left.

  2. LynnS Says:

    Yep, he’s making it up as he goes. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. That’s not news. Peter Mansbridge is keeping a straight face but he did seem really conflicted when he talked to Evan Solomon about the upcoming story. I got the impression that Justin was schmoozing Mansbridge with a veneer of deep thinking and junk philosophy. That might go over well with the vote for the best tattoo crowd and celebrity cult; but I don’t he was putting anything over on Mansbridge. Justin seems a little worried when he’s talking to someone with experience and intelligence.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    Now if we all get in a circle and sing Kumbaya….. The sympathy for those poor marginalized terrorists.
    How did the Americans offend them?
    Good grief!
    Forrest Gump was right you just can’t fix stupid.

  4. The Real Realist Says:

    Baby Turdoh . . just like his morally corrupt clown father who refused to fight the menace of Hitler and Naziism, preferring to rationalize his choice to sit out WW2, drink in bars, chase women and ride his motorcycle around Montreal wearing a german army helmet.

    His mother must be so ashamed of this wonder child of new Canadian politics.

    • wilson Says:

      Trudeau’s definition of a terrorist :
      “….is someone who feels completely excluded, completely at war with innocents, at war with a society. And our approach has to be, okay, where do these tensions come from?”

  5. Martin Says:

    God, this interview is terrible. The ads are right, this man is totally out of his depth in the role of a PM in waiting. The gibberish expressed here about marginalized people and root causes one would expect to hear in sophomoric college discussions, but not as a leader of a serous political party. Scary stuff indeed.

    • Ian Says:

      I know that attack ads are effective, the Conservatives should stay away from stuff that Justin didn’t say, like his taken out of context Quebec is better quote which was actually PET’s quote. If they want to attack him go after the fact that he was absent from the HOC to go earn money as a public speaker. Or how he took money from charities to speak. Things that will not make the conservatives look petty. The conservatives need a good PR person.

      • BC Blue Says:

        BS it was out of context:

        “My father’s philosophy, and certainly he has passed it on to us, has always been that Quebecers are better than the rest of Canada.”

        • Ian Says:

          The ad does not have the complete quote, just the part that Quebecers are better than he rest of Canada, so of course it was taken out of context. I’m no Liberal, but I don’t like this ad. As you can see it’s not having the desired effect and it makes the Conservatives look petty and desperate. We’re taking it on the chin from all fronts. Let him dig his own holes to get out of.

        • BC Blue Says:

          What a silly argument and who says it makes the Conservatives “petty and desperate” besides you – the Media Party?

        • Ian Says:

          Imagine me being accused of being The Media Party. What I can’t be a Conservtive and have a different opinion than you? I’m not the only Conservative who has reservations about that ad. We already get enough bad press as it is.

        • BC Blue Says:

          Your opinion is silly and you are influenced by Liberal-loving media. Fill your boots just don’t expect me to not call you out for it.

        • Agent Smith Says:

          Ian, show the part of the quote then that you allude to that refutes the CPC ad

        • Ian Says:

          Agent Smith. If you listen to the ad, which I did on YouTube and last night on Sun News with Ezra Levant, he says, “Quebecers are better than the rest of Canada, because, we’re Quebecers, or whatever…” So my post to BC blue was that his complete quote was him talking about his father’s philosophy about Quebecers being better, and if you only play the last part of the quote, it is a misrepresentation. BC blue thinks I’m silly and being influenced by the Liberal media.

        • Agent Smith Says:

          Again, i’m asking you to fill in the blank – shows us the missing context proving the CPC ad is being deceptive. You can’t or you would have done so by now.

      • Ian Says:

        Agent Smith, the missing piece is, “My father’s philosophy…” Whether Trudeau was saying that he shared that philosophy is open for debate. Hey, I hope he crashes and burns, but clearly the ad has backfired big time from all accounts. If you aren’t concerned then so be it, but I don’t want to see a Liberal resurgence because of bad political decisions.

        • Roy Elsworth Says:

          no it hasn’t back fired why would it back fire the west sure don’t think it back fired.

        • Agent Smith Says:

          That’s it?

          “My father’s philosophy, and certainly he has passed it on to us, has always been that Quebecers are better than the rest of Canada.”

          Do i really have to parse the above for you?

          Ian, it’s time to call up H.Q. and tell ’em u’ve been made.

        • john Says:

          Sir, could you please provide some objective evidence that this ad has backfired? And I don’t media columnists assurring us that it has.

  6. don morris Says:

    Trudeau is only repeating the left’s mantra that anyone who commits a crime is a victim,trouble is,this is not the act of some ghetto kid who robbed a grocery store or was caught dealing drugs.

    Justin can’t think on his feet,and this is why Mulcair and Harper will have a field day with Trudeau. He has no philosophy,no ideas,he’s just memorized some talking points,and some are too dumb to see that.

    • Brianmouland Says:

      Has much credibility as a big busted Miss America hopeful speaking on world affairs

  7. Ian Says:

    Nice CBC infomercial for Trudeau. I wonder if he got the questions from Mansbridge beforehand. I’m not buying his, “I’m not interested in power”routine either. The liberal party of Canada didn’t run the country for the majority of the last 100 years because their leaders didn’t want or like power. As for his answers on the Boston bombings, he started off by saying that we didn’t know yet if it was terrorism, or the act of a person who felt, “completely excluded”. No Justin, how about calling a spade a spade. It was all about creating terror, killing and maiming people. Is he saying that we are to feel guilty because somehow we exclude people, and therefore we deserve to have our legs blown off to show us how bad we are? He looked like this question was too deep for him. One of his first concerns is to get to the root cause. The root cause has already been established in the case of terrorism. Absolute control of anyone and anything your fanatical ideology doesn’t agree with, no matter who gets taken out in the process.

  8. RJ65 Says:

    I watched the scrum today and was surprised at how horrible a public speaker he is. “Um” and “ah” must have been every third word for the entire scrum. You want to fall asleep just listening to him.

  9. Pissedoff Says:

    Fits in with the Cretin who basically said the US deserved what happened with 9/11. So not the libbeis have not changed.

  10. Michael Harkov Says:

    Same type of thing as when he said that it wasn’t useful calling certain practices “barbaric”. There was just an ad reminding us, and here he is doing the same kind of thing anyway. What a fool.

    • wilson Says:

      That was my first thought too.
      He didn’t want to offend anyone with such strong language.

  11. Brianmouland Says:

    Trudeau Sr. Just watch me
    Trudeau Jr. Just washed my hair

  12. MadTrucker Says:

    “His mother must be so ashamed of this wonder child of new Canadian politics.”

    No way Real Realist, Maggie the bi-polar flowerchild is sure to be his biggest cheerleader. It’s genetic, I’m sure.

  13. Sean M Says:

    No.2 is an actor, just like his Father. However, unlike his Father, No.2 doesn’t have the brains to fool enough people for long enough to cause serious damage to the country, just to the “Liberal” brand. No.2 has his shirt sleeves rolled up and his tie loosened because he’s… like busy, and working hard and junk… what an idiot! if people are seriously fooled by this terrible 2nd rate actor then the country deserves what it will get. Mansbridge is doing his best to help the snivelling little turd out, but No.2 just keeps digging himself deeper. What a colossal idiot!! God help Canada.

  14. wilson Says:

    “…Justin has been a teacher, a radio reporter, and a legislator with junior roles. In 2001, some years before he entered politics, he admitted: “I don’t read the newspapers, I don’t watch the news. I figure, if something important happens, someone will tell me.”

    That was 2001, it appears nothing has changed. Trudeau must have missed all the lessons learned from terrorist attacks, guess no one bothered to tell him.

  15. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    The Liberals are forever dividing us, putting down the West and stirring up trouble in Eastern Ontario so that we would have enforced bilingualism.

    • MrEd Says:

      Justin mistook his dad’s political strategy “to do” notes for being things “not to do”

      • MrEd Says:

        i.e. after 40 years the 2 letters had faded from “Notes: Things To Do- to win in Canadian Politics” faded to “Not : Things To Do- to win in Canadian Politics”… or he got some tears on it when he won as leader in a leadership race that was clearly his to lose…

  16. wilson Says:

    “………And our approach has to be, okay, where do these tensions come from?”
    Trudeau also acknowledged the need for “promoting security” and “keeping our borders safe,” and “you know, monitoring the kinds of, you know, violent subgroups that happen around.”

    Off script Trudeau of Pi sounds like a grade schooler.

  17. Says:

    Mesdames et Messieurs, I present to you the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada!

  18. Joseph Says:

    I’m feeling sorry for Justin.
    His behavior suggests that during his formative years, he lacked a father figure, or he was raised in a broken home. That would explain his inability to explain principles or policy, he had no one around to explain it to him but the private school teachers, nannies, or security detail that was around.
    Now that the LPC is looking for it’s messiah, too desperate to allow Justin to find his legs politically, (still finding himself at 41?) he was thrust into the spot light on the death of his father.
    To Justin (just as with Iggy) the idea of becoming PM is something that would look really cool on his resume, and he would finally be able to get into the wet bar at 24 Sussex to throw some really cool parties…like a dog chasing a car he wouldn’t have a clue what to do with it once he caught it.
    Yep, hes cool, he’s hip, but the bureacrats would have a field day that would make Adscam look like a bump in the road if he became PM.
    If the choice is between the beta male that wants to get touchy feely with terrorists to find their inner child, and the current PM that although is an SOB that keeps everybody in line, I’ll stick with the Chuck Norris acolyte that would sooner drop ordinance on terrorists than sit down with them for tea and buns.

  19. LynnS Says:

    And then he sent his henchmen to represent him (Power and Politics) and yell at viewers. LOL!

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  21. Ian Says:

    From where I sit in Ottawa, and from reading the narional news daily, there is lots of backlash. Unfortunately there are lots of seats in Ontario that we won laat time but could be more difficult next time. Anyway lets drop this because it’s going nowhere. I’ll tell HQ you send your regards.

    • Agent Smith Says:

      Oh my my…”From where I sit in Ottawa” u say old stick? You probably have a bird’s eye view from your living room window. If they come after u with pitch forks and torches send us an email – we’ll ring up the swat team. Have u considered building a ‘safe room’?

      • Ian Says:

        Wow!. All this because I said I didn’t like one part of the ad. I guess differring opinions are not welcome on this blog.

  22. MrEd Says:

    You Just can’t fix stupid…not even with duct tape…

  23. MrEd Says:

    Justin should get on the next flight to Boston to help in the man hunt and talk the poor child into surrendering and emigrating to Montreal

  24. Michael Harkov Says:

    Dean, you just HAVE to watch Michael Coren channeling Justin Trudeau. Great thing about it, this is a direct quote LOL –

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