Liberal senator says Stephen Harper will cause Canada to get the same terrorists as the US

hervieux payette

The lunatic fringe of the Liberals are taking their lead from Justin Trudeau after his ridiculous Boston bombing comments (see here) as Liberal Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette posted a tweet about how Harper’s “Republican policies” will bring the same type of terrorists into Canada.

Hervieux-Payette quickly deleted the tweet but not before the above screen-shot was taken by Neil Edmondson.

Update: Hervieux-Payette’s assistant is claiming responsibility for the outrageous tweet but isn’t sorry in the least as he gleefully sent it out on his own Twitter account as well and says he just forgot to log out of the Senator’s first (see here).


5 Responses to “Liberal senator says Stephen Harper will cause Canada to get the same terrorists as the US”

  1. Ian Says:

    Just read on Huffington Post a staffer “accidentally” tweeted the message from the Senator’s account instead of his. Hmmm yeah right!

  2. WTF Says:

    So the Senator needs an assistant to ‘tweet’? She can’t even find the energy for 128 characters? We pay for this assistant to ‘tweet’ on her behalf? WTF?

  3. Sean M Says:

    It’s not surprising that a UN loving freak like Payette would have a brain damaged “assistant” doing her dirty work for her. Payette has always got some bizarre agenda to take away peoples freedoms as she is simply a stooge for the UN. Payette and her crowd are “Liberal”, “progressives” which is to say not in any way progressive, but rather fluffy brained totalitarians who’s main motivation is hatred. It reminds of Turd jr. being involved in leaking Vic Toews divorce records, but had some brain damaged flunky take the blame.

  4. Agent Smith Says:

    Yeah, lets just be utterly unprepared – maybe then the terrorists will just laugh at us and take pity and just plum move on to a more challenging target worthy of their mien. Such dullards.

  5. Bec Says:

    It’s not who said it, it’s the mindset that is disturbing because it permeates throughout these progressives. They hug the thugs, dismiss the act, the crime, the victims always and appear to possess little in the way of historical facts re these Muslim radicals.
    This hasn’t just happened, it’s been happening in one way shape or form for decades so to send out this extremely immature, unfounded tweet proves the best for Canada was not central in this losers mind.

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