Trudeau ad shot on TV set of DeGrassi High – show’s producer Liberal donor

trudeau algebra

After seeing that the Liberals had used the DeGrassi High television set to record their leader Justin Trudeau’s ad (see here), a few suspicious questions popped into mind which led me to look into who is behind this TV show.

Although the DeGrassi franchise was originally a CBC show, it now runs on CTV/Bell Media (see here) by the production company Epitome Pictures whose president is Stephen Stohn (see here).

Digging a little further, I ran across this post:

The Canadian Federal MP for my riding of Parkdale/High Park, Sarmite (Sam) Bulte, is holding a fundraiser hosted by various lobbyists: Doug Frith (President of Canadian Motion Pictures Distributors Association – CMPDA), Graham Henderson (President of Canadian Recording Industry Association CRIA ), Jackie Hushion (Executive Director of the Canadian Publishers Council), Danielle LaBossiere (Executive Director of the Entertainment Software Alliance ESA) & Stephen Stohn (DeGrassi producer, who spoke to the Copyright Board of Canada) on Jan 19th, four days before a general Federal Election. (see here)

And confirmed by doing a search on Elections Canada’s database:


And that’s not all. Stohn also gave Bob Rae $3,000 during the Liberal leadership race:

stohn 2

And more recently to the Liberal Party:

stohn 1

So here we have a Liberal donor allowing the Liberal Party to use his company’s facilities to make an ad.

A few questions need to be asked:

– can anyone book this studio?

– what would the cost be to rent this studio?

– how much did the Liberals pay to use this studio?

– was the set usage donated in-kind to the Liberals?

– will Elections Canada be asking to see the invoice?

Update: Well, that didn’t take long to get one answer

trudeau degrassi


National Post’s Jonathan Kay and Andrew Coyne attend exclusive Liberal Rosedale Club

coyne kay

If you need any further proof that the National Post’s Jonathan Kay and Andrew Coyne are Liberal shills, look no further than this article:

the [Rosedale] club is a project of early-20-something Zach Paikin and his friends. Paikin, son of TVO broadcaster Steve, is a right-leaning Liberal, full-time networker and grad student at the Munk School of Global Affairs. Seven of his Facebook profile pictures show him posing alongside past and present Liberal leaders.

“Join us for the third monthly meeting of the Rosedale Club, featuring former Ontario premier Ernie Eves and the National Post’s Jonathan Kay, for a conversation on aboriginal issues,” read the Facebook event. “Scotch and cigars will be provided.”

At the top: “NOTE: Dress code is business formal. Suit and tie are mandatory for men.”

Listings for previous occasions (featuring Adam Giambrone, John Tory and Andrew Coyne) had sparked pockets of online backlash against the exclusionary anachronism of the premise. (see here)

Your Toronto elites.

Photoshop help please: Trudeau ad filmed on Degrassi High TV set

trudeau degrassi

In celebration of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s Degrassi High ad:

The ads were shot last Thursday night at the sound stage for the Degrassi High television series, during a brief stop by Trudeau in Toronto (see here)

I was hoping someone could photoshop Trudeau as Joey Jeremiah in the above picture for me. Any and all other photoshopped pictures would be welcome!

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