Photoshop help please: Trudeau ad filmed on Degrassi High TV set

trudeau degrassi

In celebration of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s Degrassi High ad:

The ads were shot last Thursday night at the sound stage for the Degrassi High television series, during a brief stop by Trudeau in Toronto (see here)

I was hoping someone could photoshop Trudeau as Joey Jeremiah in the above picture for me. Any and all other photoshopped pictures would be welcome!


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  1. Krysta Says:

    After work, if someone doesn’t beat me to it. Looking forward to seeing what the ‘shoppers come up with.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Seems totally fitting that Justin did his ad with a backdrop of a former CBC TV offering about a Junior High school. When it comes to the CBC I’m sure he has friends in “high” places. Did the LPC pay for the use of the prop or are we all on the hook for it?

    • Bubba Brown Says:

      Indeed Liz and will it count as election expenses in Labrador seeing as how the son, father and the substitute drama teacher have all gone to Labrador to campaign.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Its curious how people I talk with seem to collectively refer to Justin as a young man. I guess one will have to literally pinch themselves to remember that in fact he is a 41 year old.
    A ‘lost boy’ from Neverland ?

    Justin…still in high school…in his mind

  4. don morris Says:

    The story of “Justin le teacher” is unravelling quickly,too. He spent three years as a part time teacher at West Point Grey academy in Vancouver,an elite private school. Trudeau was hired because of who he is,and for his value in fund raising for the school. How many hours he actually spent teaching is probably a secret as closely guarded as the Obama college marks.

    If figures he’d use a taxpayer-funded TV set to film his rebuttal. That’s the Liberal way.

    btw, “Degrassi” is lauded as a Canadian television icon, an immensely successful TV series. Does anyone know IF that is true,if the series was sold to other networks and paid it’s own way?

    • Agent Smith Says:

      It’s only lauded as far as i can see in Canadian TV circles. And since they say it it must be. Kind of like saying Margret Attwood is a towering literary figure – but have u ever met someone who’s read her stuff? A few may, but more like doing a book report so they can namedrop at the cocktail party. But i digress.

      I never spent a second watching it (degrassi) as it was Canadian made hence deeply lame and ultra politically correct. Don’t quote me but i figure it was subsidized. The only exception (which proves the rule..) is Murdock Mysteries. I can’t think of another Canadian series of any import. Beach Combers? lol

      • G. Mcrae Says:

        You must not be the target demographic. I remember growing up with the Degrassi Kids during the 80’s and 90’s. In my house, Degrassi gets watched by my kids, so they must be doing something right.

        As for Canadian series off the top of my head… Trailer Park Boys, Corner Gas, Dragon’s Den… I watched a few Mr. D episodes on Netflix, which weren’t that bad. Not noteworthy though. Apparently Little Mosque on the Prairie has been picked up world wide, it is a terrible, terrible show but it appeals to some. Can’t account for bad taste.

        • don morris Says:

          Trailer Park Boys and Corner Gas were not CBC,thus not taxpayer funded.

          btw,I loved the Beachcombers,filmed just around the corner from where I lived in those days. They had some great footage of one of the most beautiful parts of BC. And Gerussi and Clothier were great in their over-the-top performances.

        • Agent Smith Says:

          I didn’t say we didn’t make novelty, niche or filler programming or just plain wretched programming. 3 of the 5 u mentioned are CBC – subsidized creativity and a form of self employment I suppose. U have to be a real patriot to force yourself to sit down and watch them.

          I meant prime time shows that people actually watch in appreciable numbers and that justify private stations buying them i.e. letting an audience decide whether a program stands or falls.

          International syndication for Little Mosque? Private or some ‘state’ programming a la CBC ?

          But back to DeGrassi street, despite your experience and though I don’t have any numbers at my fingertips I just can’t conceive kids in appreciable numbers wanting to sit and be preached to by some ultraPC show.

        • G. Mcrae Says:

          @Don: The question was about any Canadian series of import, no one said anything about them being CBC or not. After 12 seasons and going, someone is watching it BTW, Degrassi is a CTV show and has been that way since 2001. CBC’s last involvement with the franchise was 1991.

          The big scoop by Dean is the Liberal connections that the producer has with the Liberal party. I suppose CTV is a private company and as long as the declare the donations to Elections Canada, they can do what they want.

        • BC Blue Says:

          Corporations cannot donate to federal parties

      • WTF Says:

        Ironic (or perhaps a Freudian slip) that you mention Margret Atwood since she looks like PT in drag 😉

      • Agent Smith Says:

        P.S. i admit to watching some TPBs – but it’s a ‘cultivated’ taste lol (hint hint – niche). Beach Combers too as a kid in a 7 channel universe.

  5. Liz J Says:

    Have to wonder if a drama teacher would even require a desk, I’d say a stage would be more appropriate with him in the wings prompting and emoting…..

  6. Trudeau ad shot on TV set of DeGrassi High – show’s producer Liberal donor | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] Liberals had used the DeGrassi High television set to record their leader Justin Trudeau’s ad (see here), a few suspicious questions popped into mind which led me to look into who is behind this TV […]

  7. wilson Says:

    So far the ‘Justin wants a better Canada’ ads have been seen on CTV.
    Fitting, as the setting for the ads was on a CTV program stage

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