Trudeau ad shot on TV set of DeGrassi High – show’s producer Liberal donor

trudeau algebra

After seeing that the Liberals had used the DeGrassi High television set to record their leader Justin Trudeau’s ad (see here), a few suspicious questions popped into mind which led me to look into who is behind this TV show.

Although the DeGrassi franchise was originally a CBC show, it now runs on CTV/Bell Media (see here) by the production company Epitome Pictures whose president is Stephen Stohn (see here).

Digging a little further, I ran across this post:

The Canadian Federal MP for my riding of Parkdale/High Park, Sarmite (Sam) Bulte, is holding a fundraiser hosted by various lobbyists: Doug Frith (President of Canadian Motion Pictures Distributors Association – CMPDA), Graham Henderson (President of Canadian Recording Industry Association CRIA ), Jackie Hushion (Executive Director of the Canadian Publishers Council), Danielle LaBossiere (Executive Director of the Entertainment Software Alliance ESA) & Stephen Stohn (DeGrassi producer, who spoke to the Copyright Board of Canada) on Jan 19th, four days before a general Federal Election. (see here)

And confirmed by doing a search on Elections Canada’s database:


And that’s not all. Stohn also gave Bob Rae $3,000 during the Liberal leadership race:

stohn 2

And more recently to the Liberal Party:

stohn 1

So here we have a Liberal donor allowing the Liberal Party to use his company’s facilities to make an ad.

A few questions need to be asked:

– can anyone book this studio?

– what would the cost be to rent this studio?

– how much did the Liberals pay to use this studio?

– was the set usage donated in-kind to the Liberals?

– will Elections Canada be asking to see the invoice?

Update: Well, that didn’t take long to get one answer

trudeau degrassi


37 Responses to “Trudeau ad shot on TV set of DeGrassi High – show’s producer Liberal donor”

  1. Krysta Says:

    Yet again the bloggers do the investigative reporting that media party “journalists” either miss or intentionally overlook. Well done, Dean!

  2. Liz J Says:

    All so very cozy, a real Liberal luv in.

  3. don morris Says:

    Yep, good work,Dean! You just had to know there would be more to this story once it was known Trudeau had used a CBC TV show set for his so-called rebuttal.
    The LPC couldn’t do something on the up-and-up if they tried,it just isn’t in their nature. In the Liberal world,everything revolves around cronyism.

  4. bertie Says:

    Not only the media,but Elections Canada.And PM Harper should be on this by lowering the amount of money given to the CBC.

    • G. Mcrae Says:

      Why? CTV produces Degrasssi and it airs on MuchMusic.

      The money given to the CBC should just be lowered/eliminated out of principle.

  5. Tributes to the Prince of Pi | Blue Like You Says:

    […] Trudeau ad shot on TV set of DeGrassi High – show’s producer Liberal donor – BC Blue […]

    • Ian Says:

      Trudeau and the Liberals cry about big bad mean attack ads, yet they don’t seem to think it’s a problem that they have all kinds of help, not only from the MSM, but PSAC as well as Liberal friendlies who own production companies to make free ads for them.

  6. Bubba Brown Says:

    I hate to get into math here because I don’t want to confuse Justin but a question.
    What is the common denominator of the two Conservative Public Service announcements and the Liberal response.?
    As I pointed out at Blue Like You.
    All three ads star Justin, middle aged stud muffin.

  7. Brian Mouland Says:

    Why isn’t the gutless MSM reporting this

  8. andycanuck Says:

    I’m sure Elections Canada will get on this right away.

  9. Liz J Says:

    The Liberals and their media get their bloomers all knotted over ads because they know they work. They know the Conservatives put out factual ads on Dion and Iggy and have lots of facts to put out on Justin, nothing to make up and lots right from the proverbial horse’s mouth.
    Yeah, they’re rightfully running scared.

  10. Michael Harkov Says:

    So they are in production year round they do not rent out their studio?

    But they did for this ad. Why?

    Oh. Never mind.

    • Liz J Says:

      Elections Canada theme song for the Conservatives should be one from the oldies, “I Only Have Eyes For You”. When if comes to the Liberals, or the NDP for that matter, they pull the blinders.

  11. Agent Smith Says:

    He coulda bin there auditioning for a substitute teachers role and then realized the show was defunct but u know well while i’m here anyway – two stones with one bird….

  12. Sean M Says:

    Ahhh, “Liberal” incest, is there any other kind. Hey, with “progressives” there is no right or wrong, and the end justifies the means. Looking forward to the media and EC getting on this story right… oh yeah, forget it.

  13. Martin Says:

    Lengthly discussion about recent adds tonight on CBC At Issue. Surprise, the verdict is the Trudeau add most effective. Not one of these panelists has a clue to the story of the set? What investigating do they ever do?

  14. MaryLS Says:

    This is much in keeping with how Justin is being “stage managed” by Liberal handlers. I am sure we will all get to watch future episodes of “The Justin T. Show”.

  15. MaryLS Says:

    So — where exactly is Justin now? Looks like they have sent him to Labrador for a week. In my view, that is very odd, especially since the Liberal running there has a solid lead at this point. How can Justin afford the time? He is the new leader. Should he not be in Ottawa working on strategies with his party? Have they sent him out of town so they can get on with official business? Are they planning that he will be the glitter in the window, but not really be running things? I would like to know what the thinking is in those Liberal back rooms.

    • wilson Says:

      Trudeau will take credit for the Jones win, even tho she started 40 points ahead.
      It’s all about the show.

  16. Stu Gatzo Says:

    Fluffy can talk all he wants. To the informed he has his father’s name and his mother’s brains. In between there is air – and lots of it. Catherine Clark and Ben Mulroney at least try to do it on their own, But Fluffy … what can we say that’s original about him? The media went goo goo for his dad and still yearn for the good old days when they were fed “scoops” by the liberals thus assuring a friendly media. When Harper arrived the party soon died and many press gallery members went home. There is still a lot of resentment about that in Ottawa. Once a moocher always a moocher I guess.

    Now they see Fluffy as their Savior. An man of no substance, no real achievement – other than being a poor ham on stag – who will lead them to the trough once more. Poor Canada. Do we have to endure the likes of his father again?

  17. Jon Coates Says:

    Justin has been sent to Labrador so that he can claim they won the seat because of his presence and “hard work”.

    • MaryLS Says:

      Maybe that’s the plan, but it makes it kind of obvious that Justin is the shiny thing in the window and not really running the show — so who is? Is this typical, Liberal back-room boy maneuvering? What will they do to sideline him next week? He does not need to be in Labrador for a week — that’s what’s weird.

      • wilson Says:

        Trudeau missed voting on his own (first) motion too.
        The motion was to put members statements in alphabetical order…… seriously, how lame is that.

  18. andycanuck Says:

    You’ll also note that there are math problems on the “blackboard” undoubtedly to make Justin look like a real teacher when Justin never did that.

    BTW, I never watched the show as a kid so does anyone know if it featured a ditzy drama teacher character? Maybe linking Justin to such a character would be useful?

  19. Jen Says:


    regarding to James Hansen criticzing PMSH on his climate action: this guy worked for NASA where he probably earned a huge salary; this same NASA that launches huge rockets into the atmosphere and burns vast amounts of rocket fuel, a derivative of oil also leaves tremendous amounts of space junk in the universe that eventually fall back to earth.

    • wilson Says:

      Ivison gave Solomon a lesson on who this dude is, his fellow scientists wanted him booted from the program over the ridiculous statements he made that would hurt their credibility.
      Recently when asked why the planet is not cooling as predicted, Hansen said because coal burning was cooling the planet…… nutbar
      Oliver said ‘he can’t have it both ways’.
      But of course it is the Harper govt being criticized for taking on a climate change ‘expert’.

      • Jen Says:


        Global Warming is Political Propaganda and Sloppy Science

        NASA says Fossil Fuel burning not important

        Al Gore bases his wacky environmental views on global warming on the research of Dr. James Hansen (despite the opposing opinions of over 17,000 scientists). Now it turns out that Dr. Hansen believes he was wrong. New NASA funded “research suggests fossil fuel burning may not be as important in the mechanics of climate change as previously thought.” Black carbon (soot) particles are among the culprits, however, Hansen believes. IF Global Warming is occurring, it would be better environmental policy to log our Forests, than let them burn!

  20. LynnS Says:

    Trudeau gets a set piece in Al Jazeera prior to the Mansbridge interview and we get Iran, Russia, China, North Korea complaining about our human rights record.

  21. Dave Westman Says:

    I wonder to what decibel point is the equation on the chalk board calculated to?

  22. MaryLS Says:

    Maher and MacGregor too!

  23. Stan Says:

    Zoolander used to be a teacher?

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