Christy Clark intentionally runs a red light on son’s dare


In a profile mainly focusing on Christy Clark and her son Hamish:

In her son’s bag is the pizza and Krispy Kreme doughnut [Christy] Clark packed for his lunch

by Vancouver Sun reporter Jonathan Fowlie, comes this shocking illegal and dangerous driving by Clark:

“Let’s see you go through this red light,” Hamish challenged as they pulled up that morning, at 5:15 a.m., to an abandoned Vancouver intersection.

“I might. Don’t test me,” Clark replies.

“Yeah. Go ahead.”

“Should I?”

“There’s no one.”

“Would you go through? You shouldn’t because that would be breaking the law,” she says.

And with that the car has already sailed underneath the stale red stoplight and through the empty intersection.

“You always do that,” says Hamish. (see here)

Quite the mother teaching her son life-lessons huh?


Globe columnist caught lying about Sun News – refuses to correct

Tabatha Southey

The Globe an Mail’s Tabatha Southey dutifully went after Sun News in a column today which of course was fully appreciated by the Liberal Party as shown by this tweet from Justin Trudeau’s campaign manager:


And yet on the same day that fellow Media Party member Chris Selley of the National Post demands politicians stop lying on TV (see here) Southey is caught in a whopper of her own:

When it was announced that Osama bin Laden had been shot, Sun News did not break away from its recorded coverage of the royal wedding (see here)

And even when Sun News’ David Akin points out that this was indeed untrue:


Southey refuses and instead mocks:


Looking forward to Selley’s next column calling Southey a liar.

Also: Keep in mind that the Globe and Mail’s health columnist Andre Picard was caught fabricating the cause of singer Rita MacNeil’s death yesterday (see here).

Update: Sun News’ David Akin has refuted Southey’s claim here

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