Globe columnist caught lying about Sun News – refuses to correct

Tabatha Southey

The Globe an Mail’s Tabatha Southey dutifully went after Sun News in a column today which of course was fully appreciated by the Liberal Party as shown by this tweet from Justin Trudeau’s campaign manager:


And yet on the same day that fellow Media Party member Chris Selley of the National Post demands politicians stop lying on TV (see here) Southey is caught in a whopper of her own:

When it was announced that Osama bin Laden had been shot, Sun News did not break away from its recorded coverage of the royal wedding (see here)

And even when Sun News’ David Akin points out that this was indeed untrue:


Southey refuses and instead mocks:


Looking forward to Selley’s next column calling Southey a liar.

Also: Keep in mind that the Globe and Mail’s health columnist Andre Picard was caught fabricating the cause of singer Rita MacNeil’s death yesterday (see here).

Update: Sun News’ David Akin has refuted Southey’s claim here


10 Responses to “Globe columnist caught lying about Sun News – refuses to correct”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Arrogance shouts loudly in Southey’s reply to David Akin’s tweet. How “thin skinned” would she be if the tables were turned? What kind of columnist worth their salt would not immediately correct an error to save their reputation as credible journalists?

    It appears we have a dwindling number of credible journalists we can trust for the straight goods on politics or much of anything else.

  2. Jen Says:

    So what if she lies; it is within their DNA.
    Any supposed ‘truth’ that flows from them needs further investigation.
    In this day and age where internet and wiki leaks and tons of research material around; this ignorant girl has no chance.
    Like Glenn Beck keep saying ” DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH”

  3. wilson Says:

    I seem to remember that picture of Southey around the time Tasha K trashed Sun News because the women wore sleeveless dresses. Did she also trash the Sun News women?

    • Liz J Says:

      If she was trashing Sun News women I’d say she has little room to trash them judging by the picture……Meow.

  4. BrianMouland Says:

    Southey is another Limo Liberal who doesn’t know her butt from a hole of ground. She is probably thankful to Trudeau as she relive the happiest years of her life as a teenybopper groupie for The Backstreet Boys

  5. frances10 Says:

    Minor detail, but the wedding was on 29th April (remember it well, as do income taxes in season so getting up to watch the wedding was a big deal) while Bin Laden’s death was 2nd May.

  6. frances10 Says:

    Also, this presser was not at 3:00 am or thereabouts, which was when the wedding was Canadian time, we being several hours behind the Brits.

  7. Thucydides Says:

    While letting the legacy construct an alternative reality may be interesting to watch, the vast majority of “low information voters and taxpayers are not inclined to do their own research, so get sucked into the vortex.

    People are confused because they can see that things are actually different in the real world where they shop for groceries, go to school or work, raise their children and so on. So far the political class has been able to exploit this confusion, but I think the break between reality and the Progressive project in society is becoming far to great to ignore anymore.

    While it may take the collapse of the Progressive project due to financial, legal and moral bankruptcy to shake all the citizens out of their stupor, it is up to all of us to awaken as many people as possible from their confusion. Andrew Breitbart taught us we are all the media now, so report the news to all the people in your circle.

  8. Dave Says:

    The lieberal rah-rah team aka the msm as with most liberals themselves wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them upside their pointy little heads. Ah, but hopefully people are starting to see through the b.s. with several papers whining they are going broke because less an less people buying their drivel. One can hope.

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