Little payback help please for Liberal clown who spams my blog


Yup, Michael J Murphy desperately craved some attention from me and now he’s got it – fully.

So everyone knows who this idiot is:

– Big City Lib Busted

– Big City Lib Busted – exposed as liar – well he is the Lying Jackals uh, friend

– “let me know if your employee, Michael J. Murphy, is paid to promote the views of the Toronto Real Estate Board on Canadian websites, or if he is actually promoting his own opinion, using your resources.”

– Michael J. Murphy – another anti-Israel hypocrite exposed

Enough is enough:

Twitter account: @Bigcitylib2


Email address:

IP address:

Thank you and very much appreciated.



8 Responses to “Little payback help please for Liberal clown who spams my blog”

  1. bocanuckbocanut Says:

    When Kinsella put out an information request and reward on myself,someone from the Toronto Real Estate Board used their resources and time to access friends and sent out e-mails trying to get specifics.
    I have a screen shot of the navigation paths should you require them.

  2. E Mac Says:

    Ha, ha – Totally exposed, I like it! Hypocrite is to good a word for this loser.

  3. Thucydides Says:

    Sadly outing or shaming Mr Murphy isn’t going to stop him or even slow him down. Like most “Progressives” things like truth or personal reputation are meaningless concepts that can be willingly discarded if that leads to power over others.

    Now if Mr Murphy’s employer ere to be appraised of his actions in spamming other people’s blogs, insulting people and a rather loose regard for truth, then thing s might change for the better. After all, he would (and will) stoop to destroying your reputation and lively hood if he were able to do so.

  4. Liz J Says:

    What’s left for Liberals and their operatives when they’ve hit bottom, sitting in the third row seats? There’s a reason they’re there and they don’t seem to get it thus we have stuff like this going on. One way to keep themselves out for the foreseeable future.

  5. mahmood Says:

    A bit of caution when dealing with a greasy internet stalker/spammer. This knuckledragger sitting in Toronto today may turn up on your doorstep tomorrow. At times it may be best not to incite these types but to drive past them avoiding eye contact.

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