Sun’s Lilley outs Media Party members being dishonest about Conservative quotes


Sun News’ Brian Lilley calls-out CBC’s Evan Solomon and Winnipeg Free Press’ Mia Rabson for stating Conservatives such as Stephen Harper, Vic Toews and British PM David Cameron have mimicked Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s terrorism root-cause theory:

I can understand why Trudeau’s team would want to push this kind of thinking, I have no idea why any journalist would agree to push this falsehood. (see here)

Looking forward to Rabson and Solomon responding.


9 Responses to “Sun’s Lilley outs Media Party members being dishonest about Conservative quotes”

  1. Liz J Says:

    We’ll continue to hear the Left mouthing off about finding the “root cause” of terrorism as long as we have a Conservative government in power. It’s a poorly veiled way of blaming Conservatives, their policies, for these , in the minds of the Left, poor unfortunate young people going astray, getting radicalized to terrorize, kill and maim as many people in our Western civilizations as possible for celestial rewards.
    How about they’re simply extremists who hate us for our successes and way a of life and want to kill us as a root cause?
    What other explanation is there?

    Waiting for the likes of Solomon or Rabson to explain themselves, forget it, they don’t have to answer to anyone, and it appears not even their employers care about their honesty or accuracy.

  2. Bubba Brown Says:

    No matter how the fawning Media tries to protect Junior Trudeau from his stated positions.
    He has forth so far on the blight of people to the West of Toronto electing Mp’s and a PM.
    Just who do those people think they are?
    To Quebecers being better than anyone else.
    To saying that he knew the cause of the terriost attack in Boston.
    We just can’t welcome these Jihadies enough, more welfare, free education .
    I am thinking he is hoping for a new block of Liberal supporters, Jihadies for Justin kinda thing.
    As for Solomon or Rabson just cheerleaders members of a support group for Liberals that will bend any story into a pretzel.
    Their impact is not what it once was, and that is a good thing for Canadians.
    Brian Lilley is a treasure, does his best to get out the real story, thanks Brian.

  3. Agent Smith Says:

    I’m not too worried – i think Solomon has an audience of 14 including himself and Rabson 7 perhaps 8 all told. Family members mostly.

    • Bubba Brown Says:

      I have to agree if it was not for the taxpayer footing the bill the CBC would be going the way of the dead tree press.
      Really it is a form of denial, “Baghdad Bob syndrome”.
      The Conservatives did not really win a real majority kinda thing.
      In their own little taxpayer financed fantasy world.
      I think it’s time we kicked them out into the real world.JMO

      • Pissedoff Says:

        Problem is the conservatives are still paying, with taxpayers money, for this commie lunacy.

  4. don morris Says:

    Mia Rabson’s daily anti-Harper screed is so boring and unimaginative, I rarely bother to read her columns anymore. Some of the better anti-Harper psuedo-journalists can at least couch their hatred in reasonable sounding terms,but Rabson fails entirely.

    She should be writing love columns about Justin Bieber or other teeny-bopper heartthrobs, instead of mucking up reporting the serious business of politics.

    • Agent Smith Says:

      I havn’t read it – i don’t have time to be bored to death, but knowing the genre if it was submitted in block letters in crayon i would not be surprised.

    • BrianMouland Says:

      She has become like Mallick the constant whine remembers me of a cat in heat

  5. BrianMouland Says:

    Mia is more of a man than Evan

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