Christy Clark settles vehicle accident claim weeks before election


On the heels of BC Liberal leader Christy Clark running a red light with her son and a reporter in the car (see here) comes the revelation that Clark had an accident lawsuit pending which was finally settled out of court just prior to the election:

A statement of claim for the 2008 accident alleges the plaintiff was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by Clark, then a CKNW radio talk-show host. Mark Marissen, Clark’s ex-husband, was also named in the action as the leaseholder of the vehicle, along with Volvo Canada.

Court documents show Clarke and Marissen admitted in the course of legal discussions that Clark did hit the car, but disputed the injuries to the plaintiff among other items. (see here)

Wonder if she was going to run a red light and the person in front decided to stop?


2 Responses to “Christy Clark settles vehicle accident claim weeks before election”

  1. Jen Says:

    No PR for Khadr: Liberal MP’s criticism of government for not allowing terrorist an interview is outrageous

    Which brings us to Wayne Easter……..

  2. ohboy Says:

    ‘Wonder if she was going to run a red light and the person in front decided to stop?’

    Good rhetorical question Dean and one we’ll never know the answer to.
    What we do know though is that this wanabee acts on impulse and consequences be damned.

    I recall her being asked when she first helped herself to the Premier’s chair about what she thought of banning pesticides for private use.
    Before the question even had time to hang in the air begging a reasoned response, she blurted out… yeah, I can go with that !

    Its been downhill from there.

    This unqualified person could end up elected premier this next round and that is a disturbing thought.

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