Trudeau’s mum Margaret uses mental health forum to bash Harper

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I couldn’t care less if Margaret Trudeau wants to come to her son’s defense:

“If Stephen Harper took off his shirt in public, I’m not sure he’d raise any money for charity”

But to use a mental health awareness event to do so is beyond classless. (see here)


21 Responses to “Trudeau’s mum Margaret uses mental health forum to bash Harper”

  1. Bocanut Says:

    One has to wonder if the Playboy pics of Mommy’s yooha at a Studio 54 party influenced Justin to take his shirt off at the charity event.
    Is exhibitionism hereditary?

    • don morris Says:

      No,exhibitionism isn’t hereditary, but bi-polar affective disorder IS,and that’s what Mom was diagnosed with.

      “…and said she would like to see all parties get back to debating policy not personality.”

      Margaret fails in recognizing irony.

      • bocanuckbocanut Says:

        I suppose one could say that Daddy’s pirouetting behind the Queen’s back wasn’t exhibitionism but just a juvenile need to be the center of attention.
        Looks like Justin’s inherited traits from both parents.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Perhaps Justin should have considered his mother’s mental health and stayed out of politics. She has to know he will be attacked by other parties and their supporters, that’s the nature of politics, it’s not for sissies or those with thin skins. Just ask Stephen Harper, recall what the Liberals and media have accused him of as well as talking about his hair and weight.
    I have empathy for anyone living with mental health issues but maybe Margaret should stay away from politics, let her son take care of himself. If he can’t manage to take care of himself he can hardly take care of the country.

  3. Krysta Meekins (@WhseGrl) Says:

    I don’t think his Mother’s outburst will help Trudeau. It plays into the whole boyish, over-his-head, hide behind mommy’s skirt theme, frankly.

  4. albertaD Says:

    At least she didn’t choose a funeral to make her inappropriate remarks… just sayin’…

    • BC Blue Says:

      What are you referring to?

      • andycanuck Says:

        After Margaret Thatcher’s funeral… the couple of days after the terrorist attack in Boston when Harper didn’t actually name Justin by name just the fuzzy thinking about terror Justin represents. It’s the left’s meme about this to go along with the “bully” Harper TV ads’ meme.

  5. Bec Says:

    Mummy running to the defense of JT is ridiculous. He did it, he can own it and she should just be quiet. However, Mummy has never really been one to avoid the intoxicating lure of the media mirror which I think we will unfortunately see much more of…again. Ugg…

    After the disgusting, disrespectful treatment of ‘her’ son, have we ever heard from our Prime Minister’s Mom? Classy people remain classy, dignified and humble. MT has never been any of those things and if her son had aspirations of the highest office, she was the last person that he should have gone to for advice. This proves it.

    • Bubba Brown Says:

      What you said Bec, she has no “high ground to screech from.
      cheers Bubba

    • LynnS Says:

      There are no words. I am completely appalled. This is so childish, I loathe it.

  6. wilson Says:

    BC Blue,
    Are the CPC ads on Trudeau running in BC?

  7. joel Says:

    Hey, Justin pounded the fuck out of that Indian. He should be able to take his shirt off.

  8. ohboy Says:

    Its telling to note that many people consciously or otherwise tend to think of Justin as a young man.
    One need only pinch themselves as a reminder that he is in fact in his 40’s.
    Should he be elected in a few years time, he will be as old as John F Kennedy or for that matter not very much the junior of his own father when both those men attained the reins of power.
    Nobody thinks of JFK or PET as youngsters should they give it any thought at all…nor Stephen Harper for that matter, and he was only a few short years older when he became PM.

    This begs the question of course as to why we view Justin this way ?

    We see photos of his mother Maggie lovingly looking into his eyes while caressing his chin, or his wife Sophie motheringly straightening his tie and forelock just before his acceptance speech.
    All the while Justin adopts a self-satisfied look on his face such that these ministrations by these(and many others), is just part and parcel of all that should define a young prince on the ascension to his throne.
    When I was about age three, there was no way my mother could get near me with a Kleenex let alone actually think it was appropriate to do so with a young male, and more so in public.
    Justin is in fact effete in this way…because he has allowed these things to be done to him in a public place… to be witnessed by strangers.

    He has in fact allowed himself to be a willing leaf in a breeze; to be molded by those very same winds of possession that have been such a driving force throughout his relatively immature life. All in the name of having his fragile ego stroked … a lap dog perhaps on a cushy couch…waiting for another endearing word or pet.
    Justin has allowed this assault on himself …just as he has allowed himself to be preened by the liberal brass, the msm and many of the other self interested factions that see personal gain… set up as the next feel-good choice progressive liberator of Canada … a jewel that suffers from chronic self doubt: as there could be no chance of this happening otherwise.

    Perhaps Justin could mature if he looked past the glib, reflected in the hallway mirror and focused his attention on the man behind the glass.
    The one he has never seriously brought himself to look at.

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