Trudeau owes Winnipeg school officials a huge apology

trudeau 1

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau didn’t like it when he couldn’t get his own way when it came to using school kids as political props as he lashed out yesterday when his fawning media was not allowed to cover his appearance at a Winnipeg school:

“It’s unfortunate that someone at the board level decided that they needed to play politics and not highlight my visit there, but the conversation with the students was phenomenal.” (see here)

Turns out though that it was the Liberals who invited the media without the knowledge of the school:

Winnipeg School Division says Justin Trudeau’s visit to Sisler High School Thursday was never meant to involve the media.

The federal Liberal leader’s staff invited the media.

And it’s a province-wide policy:

No school division in Manitoba allows outside parties to invite the media into a school without the school division’s knowledge and approval. (see here)

Pretty telling that Trudeau’s first reaction was petulance but I guess that’s to be expected from someone who grew up with a silver-spoon in his mouth and is use to everyone doing what he wants.

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