Another lawsuit against CBC’s Terry Milewski on the way?


Irving Shipbuilding is not in the least happy with CBC’s Terry Milewski after he ran a story stating that the Arctic patrol ship contract was over-inflated by $250 million:

A CBC News investigation has uncovered a $250-million mystery at the heart of Canada’s ambitious shipbuilding program. (see here)


The ad above which Irving ran in the Ottawa Citizen over the weekend, calls Milewski’s story “inaccurate and inflammatory” and it’s hard to believe things will end just with it.

Also: See earlier post on Milewski’s previous legal problem and his reaction to me in the comment section here



12 Responses to “Another lawsuit against CBC’s Terry Milewski on the way?”

  1. Brian Mouland Says:

    Milewski should retire and go to work for Trudeau; bias little dolt

  2. don morris Says:

    Rather than make some lawyers rich(er), why doesn’t CBC have a spokesman from Irving debate the issue with Milewski on CBC-TV,on a public affairs program?

    Clear the air rather than clutter the Courts.

  3. Jen Says:

    Not a problem the public will pay for his legal fees as sources tells us.

    According to what Milly said ” sources told him” what sources?
    sources wasn’t telling us this but judge Gomery himself said that the liberals are to repay $40 million.
    Strange that MILLY doesn’t acknowledge judge Gomery to go after the libberals for the money.

    • Alain Says:

      I agree that is exactly the problem: that these lawsuits are always paid for by we, the tax payers. I am not saying people with cause should not sue the CBC, but I do say that it is well past time to privatise the CBC so they will have to pony up with their own funds instead of us.

  4. Fay Says:

    I say Bravo to Irving shipbuilders!

  5. mattvollmer Says:

    How could you sue him? The lawsuit should go against CBC as they allowed it to air. Nothing against CBC, but its not the reporters fault.

  6. Dave B. Says:

    C.B.C. Is receiving over one billion dollars each year from the taxpayer regardless of anything. If the C.B.C. Needs to take a couple hundred million to settle this lawsuit, it has to come from this existing budget. Technically, the taxpayer is paying, however, the management teams that are receiving huge salaries and bonuses might have to take a little less as a result. I’m ok with that.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Ridiculous…I’m not ok with paying for CBC’s lawsuits regardless if it comes from an existing budget or not

      • jmw Says:

        Historically speaking–the CBC will lay off employees before cutting the bonuses to execs. Wonder why the union and the liberal MSM is making such a big deal of this on twitter as part of their “hate Harper campaign”? Time for accountability–the issue the CBC is most afraid of.

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