Globe and Mail sponsors Al Gore event so he can bash Canada’s oil industry


The audacity of the the Globe and Mail’s editor-in-chief John Stackhouse to bring Al Gore to Toronto is stunning:

When Mr. Stackhouse asked whether Alberta oil was more ethical because it came from a democratic nation with a commitment to human rights, Mr. Gore rejected the term.

“There’s no such thing as ethical oil,” he said. “There’s only dirty oil and dirtier oil.” The remark triggered applause from a nearly full house at the Globe-sponsored event at a Ryerson University auditorium.

Editor’s Note: The event at which Al Gore and John Stackhouse spoke Tuesday was exclusively for Globe subscribers. (see here)

Gore must have had some of the same fairy dust the Globe uses to produce and delivery its newspaper to jet into Canada?

Update: Sun News’ Mark Dunn is reporting that Al Gore charges “six-figures a pop” for speaking events (see here). Did Stackhouse pay Gore over $100,000 to bash Canada at the same time the Globe is laying off employees?

Update: Sun News’ Ezra Levant catches the Globe and Mail running pictures during the Gore ‘interview’ that aren’t from the Alberta oilsands (see here)

Update: After some pressure from others on Twitter including the Sun’s Lorrie Goldstein and after trying to pass me off to Public Editor Sylvia Stead, the Globe and Mail’s media reporter Steve Ladurantaye has now answered that Gore was not paid a fee to appear.

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