Photo: Christy Clark shows stunning insensitivity to dead mill workers


Two people died last year when the Babine Forest Products mill in Burns Lake exploded in January 2012, so what does Liberal leader Christy Clark do today while campaigning – she writes her name in the fresh concrete.

It’s all about her of course.

Update: Disgusting. Clark said writing her name in the concrete was proof of her “strong leadership” (see here)


Dumbass: Christy Clark votes for two people on ballot


How dumb is your premier? Ours here in BC voted for herself and another Liberal on the same ballot:

Clark initially wrote her own name on the blank ballot, but she doesn’t live in the riding she is running in so she made a change.

Clark took back her ballot and — in front of news cameras — wrote in the name of Vancouver–Fairview Liberal candidate Margaret MacDiarmid. (see here)

Seriously, how does anyone (let alone a premier) not know they are not running in the riding they live in?

Also: See earlier post on Clark running a red light with a reporter in the back seat here

Update: Clark now says she wrote her own name on the ballot by ‘accident’. How does that happen exactly?

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