Dumbass: Christy Clark votes for two people on ballot


How dumb is your premier? Ours here in BC voted for herself and another Liberal on the same ballot:

Clark initially wrote her own name on the blank ballot, but she doesn’t live in the riding she is running in so she made a change.

Clark took back her ballot and — in front of news cameras — wrote in the name of Vancouver–Fairview Liberal candidate Margaret MacDiarmid. (see here)

Seriously, how does anyone (let alone a premier) not know they are not running in the riding they live in?

Also: See earlier post on Clark running a red light with a reporter in the back seat here

Update: Clark now says she wrote her own name on the ballot by ‘accident’. How does that happen exactly?


11 Responses to “Dumbass: Christy Clark votes for two people on ballot”

  1. Krysta Says:

    From an Outside perspective, the Liberal effort in your province just looks like a series of gaffes strung together under the guise of a campaign.

  2. Bocanut Says:

    I’d trade Clark for McGuinty/Wynne anyday.

  3. Guffman Says:

    Unbelievable!… imagine if a Conservative ever did this – they’d be crucified and laughed at in the media for eternity, and rightfully so!
    I would weep for B.C. residents but have no more tears after 10+ years of Liberal government here in Ontario where they’ve destroyed our once great province, and turned it into a near-bankrupt, have-not, welfare case!! But we do have a lot of pretty whirly windmills and shiny solar panels to look at…

  4. melwilde Says:

    I’m busy trying to keep the Marxist Leninist gang out of power here in B.C.
    What’s your contribution to that end? Why not headline the Chinese communist member running in Richmond?

  5. Liz J Says:

    I would weep for BC if I had any tears left from weeping over the demise of Ontario under Liberal McGuinty who screwed us royally and lied along with it. He has testified on the Holy Bible regarding his cancellation of two gas plants in the dying days of his last election saying he did it for the health of children and all people in those areas where he knew he would lose the ridings if he didn’t.
    We also have an NDP here willing to support the Liberal mess to keep them in power, talk about a coalition from hell!

    I do hope BC will decide to send Clark packing, she doesn’t appear to have a clue about much of anything, even purposely thinks she can play the fool with the rules of the road we all obey for the safety of all who drive on them.

    “Dumbass”, yeah she fits the bill.

  6. Liz J Says:

    To add insult to injury, the now former premier of Ontario McGuinty has a gas plant in his own riding which is surrounded by hospitals, health facilities and schools, it’s been there for several years and he has never uttered any concern for the safety of the people there. He has resigned as premier and is an ordinary MPP who will not seek re-election, some coward, some legacy. I’m not sure if BC can top Ontario for politics of/by the stupid.

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