Photo: Christy Clark shows stunning insensitivity to dead mill workers


Two people died last year when the Babine Forest Products mill in Burns Lake exploded in January 2012, so what does Liberal leader Christy Clark do today while campaigning – she writes her name in the fresh concrete.

It’s all about her of course.

Update: Disgusting. Clark said writing her name in the concrete was proof of her “strong leadership” (see here)


5 Responses to “Photo: Christy Clark shows stunning insensitivity to dead mill workers”

  1. don morris Says:

    “Ms. Clark was invited to smooth some fresh concrete and then sign her name to mark the official start of construction. ”

    Seems the problem here is the person who “invited” her to sign,it doesn’t appear she did it spontaneously.

    I don’t like Clark,either,but this is a bit of a stretch.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Couldn’t care less if she was invited to or not

      • RJ65 Says:

        Sorry Blue, if there was no reasonable expectation that she would have known, she has to be given a pass on this one. If she had known what was in the concrete, then yes – she should have gracefully declined.

        Perhaps the problem here is the person that made a memorial into a political event by doing the invite at all.

        • BC Blue Says:

          No reasonable expectation she had known what – that two people died in an explosion where this company may still face criminal charges?

  2. MadTrucker Says:

    Heh. Couldn’t help but notice the smoothing trowel on the side of her kneeling board. Could it be that she was erased as soon as she walked out of sight? Someone may have been planning ahead.

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