CBC criticizes gov’t for slow tax-evasion probe – doesn’t mention refusing to give the gov’t documents

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You have to hand it to the CBC for the massive audacity of running a story carping about the Conservative government being slow to join an international group looking to ferret out tax cheats:

Canada will be forced to play catch-up to its closest allies on a major international tax-evasion probe, after Thursday’s revelation that Britain and Australia have had a huge trove of secret offshore financial records for years, while the Canada Revenue Agency has only recently requested access. (see here)

When it’s the CBC who refuses to give them access to the documents they have (see here).

It takes a special kind of hypocrisy to be this ballsy.


8 Responses to “CBC criticizes gov’t for slow tax-evasion probe – doesn’t mention refusing to give the gov’t documents”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Maybe crack journo Terry Milewski will have a leak on this one.

  2. Krysta Meekins (@WhseGrl) Says:

    Have you looked at the CBC’s heat sheet on SNN yet? I like the part where they call SNN a “competitor”, admitting that their taxpayer funded and bloated organization is directly competing with private Canadian enterprise.

    • Liz J Says:

      The CBC honchos are arrogant enough to think they should have no competition. Since they’re funded by our tax dollars they should have no right to withhold information from the government they depend on to keep operating.

    • Ian Says:

      The CBC is a sacred cow to anyone who doesn’t vote conservative. That’s why any attempt for Harper to cut meets with severe criticism. The lefties love it

  3. Jen Says:

    Barbados Double Tax Treaty with Canada and USA

    Canada’s former Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Paul Martin, uses Barbados for his Canada Steamship Company to avoid Canadian taxes, plus Panama registration on the ships.


    • don morris Says:

      That was his only option after he was shamed out of Liberia. This tax probe won’t be much fun for anyone, as they discover tax cheats of all political persuasions.

      Biggest money move in Canadian in history though, has to be the Bronfman’s being allowed to move over 2 billion to the Bahamas.

      Don’t remember if they did it under Mulroney or Chretien.

      • Jen Says:


        Revenue Canada is in the Federal Court of Appeal defending against George Harris, a Winnipeg office worker and social activist, who is contesting a loophole that allowed $2-billion in Bronfman family assets to escape the country tax free, in 1991.

        Harris’ three-year-old legal fight was prompted by a controversial tax ruling by Revenue Canada in 1991 that allowed the Bronfmans to move more than $2-billion worth of Seagram Co. stock, held in two family trusts, to the United States without paying capital gains tax.

  4. Ian Says:

    Well i’ll be writing to the CBC like I’ve done in the past on other issues

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