CBC kept an ‘enemy list’ on Sun News

James Moore

Sun News’ Brian Lilley has discovered that the CBC kept a briefing paper on Quebecor and Sun News employees:

I became aware of the document after requesting and receiving the 547 pages that CBC had amassed on me and the stories I had written about its problems with openness, transparency and handling of taxpayers money. Tucked away in those many pages was an email that made reference to a document all about Quebecor, parent company of Sun News Network and this newspaper. (see here)

Just don’t expect the minister in charge of the CBC, James Moore to do anything about it except maybe say that Sun News deserved it for daring to hold CBC to account.



10 Responses to “CBC kept an ‘enemy list’ on Sun News”

  1. Stan Says:

    CBC has a few stories up on the March For Life.
    Any mention of Gosnell in a comment gets 100% censorship.

    Might be time for a little experiment…..

  2. don morris Says:

    I’ve spoken to my MP about CBC,and E-mailed the PM and Minister Moore. All I have ever gotten in response is a “thank you for your comments” form message. I get the impression the CPC thinks the CBC is a lot more important than we do.

    The CPC and Harper know very well the CBC is a Liberal propaganda machine,but I believe they are simply too scared to do much about it. Defunding or scrapping the National Treasure is completely out of the question. I see that Harper has appointed some people to the CBC Board of Directors,but a few conservatives in a sea of liberals won’t make much difference.
    As usual, all we can do is gnash our teeth in frustration, and NOT support sponsors of any CBC show,not that they have many.

    The “enemies” list is interesting,though not surprising. Lilley must be proud to have made it!

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yes, you know Lilley’s being effective

    • Ian Says:

      Your frustration is understandable but Haprper is in a lose lose situation. The CBC is a sacred cow of the left. I just read another article by that wonderful “journalist” Laure Strapageil criticizing Harper and claiming he was turning the CBC into a “state run broadcaster” because of cuts and recent policy decisions. That’s pretty rich coming from someone in the media party who has the freedom to take shots at the Conservatives every chance they get. CBC is hardly a state run broadcaster. It’s actually the reverse.

  3. Ian Says:

    No experiment required. It’s common for the CBC to not print anything that is Pro Conservative, or at the very least criticizes the Liberals

  4. Ian Says:

    I just read a piece by Lauren Strapageil who writes for Canada.com. Pretty sad when a female “journalist” in Canada sees fault with a march that actually condemns sex selective abortion. Her little digs at the Catholic Church were pretty pathetic. All the pro choice people can come up with are slogans like, “it’s my uterus my choice”. What about the women that have absolutely no choice and are forced by their parents or boyfriend to get an abortion. Abortions that years later still leave serious scars.

  5. Martin Says:

    Sounds like an item for Solomon’s P&P. “CBC has learned…”
    If it were a business doing this they would be all over the story; when it is them they are totally silent. Whoever is overlooking the CBC budget might be interested in how our money is spent.

  6. Bec Says:

    So, is anyone still under the illusion that the CBC doesn’t think, act and BEHAVE like a STATE broadcaster?

  7. Jen Says:

    Elizabeth May and the ndp have petitions to keep CBC and more money for CBC.
    Eliabeth May has a petition for CBC on her blog.

  8. Liz J Says:

    James always looks so happy when pictured with CBC “stars” like Strombo.

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