Classless race-baiting column about Harper sympathizing with family about death


You can’t get more disgusting than saying PM Stephen Harper is more concerned about the death of a white man than he is about a native woman, but Winnipeg Free Press’ Mike McIntyre did just that:

And it’s why someone with Stephen Harper’s clout should be very, very careful about the message he sends when he offers a personal note of sympathy to the family of a white man in Ontario who meets an awful demise – yet remains silent when a native woman from Manitoba who has been missing for seven years turns up dead in equally tragic circumstances. (see here)

McIntyre sure has a lot of nerve to say that he’s “not trying to be political”



8 Responses to “Classless race-baiting column about Harper sympathizing with family about death”

  1. Guffman Says:

    In all fairness, the death of the “white man” has been all over the news everyday in the last week and everyone is talking about it – especially in Ontario. Before your blog entry here, I’d never heard about this native woman from Manitoba and I’m sure most people haven’t. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Harper offering condolences to the Ontario family, and I don’t think it’s right at all to draw comparisons. Had the other case been as front and center in the news, Harper may well have offered his condolences in that case as well. To insinuate that Harper cares more for a “white man” than a native woman is disgusting.

    • Bec Says:

      Indeed! Disgusting at it’s worst and up until now, I listened to and enjoyed McIntyre however after this, I will think of him very differently. 7years ago, social media was nothing compared to what it is now and this tragic, sick event has been all over.
      All of us know a 32 year old and all of us have at times tried to sell a vehicle in this exact same way. This happened in real time this past week to all of us and up until McIntyre made a big deal about this young man’s race, I was oblivious to his ‘race’ but simply cared enormously about him as a human being, Father, Husband and Son. McIntyre,imo has humiliated himself and shame on him.

  2. Fay Says:

    This is an example of the Winnipeg Free Press continual bashing of Stephen Harper and conservatives. Same old, same old. NDP good, Stephen Harper bad in Manitoba.

  3. Brian Mouland Says:

    This guy is so full of it his eyes are brown

  4. LynnS Says:

    Should we all feel guilty now because we find this story about a husband and a father being kidnapped and murdered while attempting to sell his truck so horrifying? The PM was expressing exactly what I feel about it. I reject the writer as a twit and mischief maker.

  5. Agent Smith Says:

    McIntyre sippin’ some moronic tonic seems.

    • Jen Says:

      did mac intyre investigated and stayed with the news on the missing native woman from day one.

  6. Cindi Says:

    Classless is pretty tame to describe that column, what a piece of work that writer is. Imagine using the death of a Native girl for political gain, how low and base can you get.. Judging from the comments the left buys into it. Better get your fingers clicking on this one.

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