CTV’s Fife accuses Harper’s chief of staff of offering cash payment to Conservative senator


In a stunning allegation, CTV’s Robert Fife accuses PM Stephen Harper’s chief of staff Nigel Wright of promising to cover Conservative senator Mike Duffy’s repayment of claimed living expenses:

At one point, Duffy expected the PMO to cover all of the money he’d improperly claimed – more than $90,000.

In a Feb. 20 email, Duffy said Wright worked out a “scenario” where all of his claimed living expenses would be covered, including “cash for the repayment.” (see here)

Fife just put his career on the line.

Also: See earlier post on Fife falsely attributing a quote to ex-Conservative senator Patrick Brazeau here

Update: Harper’s spokesman Andrew MacDougall admits that Wright cut a cheque from his personal account to cover Duffy’s expense re-payment (see here). Not cash though.

Update: Harper will not fire nor ask for Wright’s resignation (see here).

Update: Duffy has now stepped out of the Conservative caucus (see here)

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