CTV’s Fife uses an anonymous source to say Mike Duffy lobbied for Sun News


Once again, CTV’s Robert Fife had better be darn sure that this story smearing his competitor is true:

Sen. Mike Duffy attempted to influence the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission’s upcoming decision involving the right-leaning Sun News Network, a source has told CTV News.

A well-placed source told CTV’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife that Duffy approached a Conservative insider with connections to the CRTC three weeks ago to discuss Sun Media, which is asking the federal regulator to grant its news channel “mandatory carriage,” or guaranteed placement on basic cable and satellite packages. (see here)

Because Sun News’ VP Kory Teneycke has denied any knowledge of it:

Senator Duffy does not, nor has he ever, been employed as a lobbyist for Sun News/Sun Media. Nor have we asked Senator Duffy act as an agent on our behalf. (see here)

Pretty safe to guess Sun News has taken this to their lawyers.

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Update: CRTC spokeswoman Patricia Valladao has denied Fife’s story (see here)


17 Responses to “CTV’s Fife uses an anonymous source to say Mike Duffy lobbied for Sun News”

  1. Sean M Says:

    Hey, when some “progressive” media hack like Fife is leading a mob of his “progressive” comrades on an absurdly hysterical witch hunt, to get a Conservative Senator, a few well placed “un-named sources” never hurts the narrative. The reference to Sun News gives away Fifes real concern, as everyone knows the lefty “progressive” consensus media want to maintain their strangle hold on the public airwaves. The hysterical and sudden outrage over this particular Senators spending habits seems a bit too conveniently isolated. It’s well known that Duffy was a big proponent for a new Sun News license, so what! Just last week separatists and communists from the NDPQ were lobbying on behalf of the CBC! If the “progressive” consensus media had been showing the same hysterical “outrage” over Liberal Senator Harbs spending habits than I might believe this story to be something more than the witch hunt that it is. The whole story is ridiculously over the top.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Giddy Fife et al are going absolutely nuts over this Duffy/Senate affair, they’re trying to stomp Duffy into the ground and smear the Conservatives as much as possible, they can’t even wait for the results of the investigation.
    The photo above with Fife and Chretien’s Senator Munson is telling, they didn’t treat Munson as they have Duffy since he was appointed to the Senate, he represented their Liberals, their all time pals.

    I do hope Sun News has at them and Duffy as well. Enough is enough, this is way over the top.

  3. Ian Says:

    Things are going from bad to worse for Duffy. The left has its claws out these days. Now the Toronto Star is reporting there’s a video out there showing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack.

    • Agent Smith Says:

      Can’t give anything the Star sez on said subject any credence. Or on much any other subject for that matter.

      Star’s been on jihad against Fordsky since day 1 – always has, always wil. Most people i think by now have a built-in allowance for Star hyperbole. ‘Spects they’ll have another jaw dropping scoop next week on Ford – ‘Ford electrocutes gay baby kittens’.

      It’s one of the perks of being a Ford fan – seeing the Star and members of Toronto’s pseudo-intelligestia going nutzoid every so often. It is but to laugh.

  4. E Mac Says:

    I sincerely wish that SUN NEWS gets the recognition it desires and is on an equal footing with the CBC for which we the taxpayers fund without any choice.
    As far as I am concerned CBC ought to be privatized because if you can’t go it on your own, you shouldn’t be there.
    There should be an even playing field when it comes to media. SUN news couldn’t be any more biased than the CBC and a fair opportunity should be granted them, so that balanced coverage is reported.
    What are CBC afraid of – the truth?

  5. Fat Tony Says:

    They don’t call him fife the knife for nothing

  6. LynnS Says:

    I don’t have a problem with Duffy lobbying to support Sun News.

  7. wilson Says:

    Anonymous source tells Fife’s anonymous source that Duffy….
    Janitor tells Fife’s lawnboy…

  8. don morris Says:

    “…a source has told CTV News.”

    There WAS a time, not too long ago, that Reporters wouldn’t use a quote if they couldn’t name the “source”, but that was back in the day when some MSM still could spell “integrity” and a few even knew what the word means.

    “A source”? May I interpret that to mean,”I just invented this to make my claim seem more credible”?

    The refusal to name “the source”, unless the person’s life might be in danger, as it would be if someone defamed the Presbyterian religion,for instance, should bring about a lawsuit, as I hope it does in the case of Barney’s retarded nephew,Bob.

  9. Alain Says:

    Actually it is much more acceptable for a Senator to put in a good word for granting equal treatment to SNN, than a bunch of foreigners, Yanks in fact, to lobby against SNN, a purely Canadian network. So where has Fife been on this one?

  10. MaryLS Says:

    So far, I have read one sentence presumably said by Duffy to somebody — we don’t know who, but not someone on the CRTC. This is not only NOT lobbying or influence peddling, it is such a non-story that CTV should be ashamed. I am making a point of avoiding them these days — ditto CBC. Their vendetta against Conservatives is totally transparent. Meanwhile we have the American funded Avaaz soliciting signatures for an anti-Sun petition and another to counter the recent Conservative bill re the CBC. There seems to be little in the way of balance or even rigorous investigative reporting — just cheap drive-by smears facilitated by anonymous “sources”.

  11. O.Levean Says:

    Is this “open season” on Conservatives or is our media trying to imitate Obama?

  12. Sean M Says:

    It shouldn’t surprise anyone that when Obarry Hussein is up to his neck in real scandals and gangster style politics in the US, the Canadian MSM suddenly manufacture “scandal” regarding Senators spending habits, Conservative Senator spending habits exclusively… Liberal Senator spending habits don’t seem to garner the same “outrage” and hysteria from the “progressive” media types, I’m sure it’s all just a simple coincidence and has nothing to do with the media attempting to deflect attention away from their messiah, Ogangster. “Anonymous sources” told me on condition of anonymity that Fife likes to drink water from Justine Trudeaus toilet, and he also likes to collect brown envelopes full of un marked cash in payment for manufactured smear campaigns against Conservatives… aren’t anonymous sources helpful?

  13. Lyndia Says:

    I think, by keeping these “scandals” out in the media, they are trying to not report on Mr. Harper’s trip to the U.S. By all accounts that I have read, it was a very successful meeting. The lefties are trying to keep it out of the news.

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