NDP’s Mulcair admits being offered cash bribe by Quebec mayor


NDP leader Thomas Mulcair has a lot of explaining to do on why it took him 17 years to tell the RCMP that he was offered an envelope stuffed with money:

In a written statement, federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair says he met with the embattled former Laval, Que., mayor Gilles Vaillancourt in 1994.

French language newspaper La Presse is reporting that Mulcair was targetted by the former mayor. The article says Vaillancourt offered Mulcair an envelope and said he could help him. It goes on to quote Mulcair as saying he did not see the contents of the envelope but was certain it contained money.

A statement issued today by a spokesperson for the NDP leader says Mulcair put an end to the 1994 meeting immediately and recounted the events to police investigators two years ago. (see here)

Instead of doing the right thing, Mulcair enabled a now criminally charged politician to continue operating.

Update: Bombshell! The Globe and Mail is reporting that Mulcair said he was never offered envelopes full of cash in 2010 – the year before he came clean to the RCMP (see here).


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s odd that the “comments” are closed at the G&M. I suppose we’ll just have to take Mr. Mulcair’s word for it that he never accepted an envelope,or saw any envelopes that he KNEW were full of cash, in Mr.Vaillancourt’s office.

    I have no problem believing that,and will give Mr.Mulcaur the same benefit of the doubt as he gives to the Conservative Party or it’s members.

  2. Carole Says:

    What benefit of the doubt does Mulcair give tot he conservatives? Am I missing something?

  3. Sean M Says:

    I believe it would be very difficult to find a Quebec politician who wasn’t in some way compromised by the culture of corruption that is so prevalent in that Province. Quebec politicians and organized crime are essentially a part of the same culture. Not that I’m defending that creep Mulcair, far from it, but IMO from what I’ve seen and heard from the days of Gomery and the latest Quebec corruption trials, this type of behaviour is the norm in Quebec politics. That Province is diseased, and has been since the so called “quiet revolution”, perhaps longer. Not that I believe Quebec is the only Province influenced and manipulated by some level of organized crime , the “culture of corruption” in this country runs deep and wide.

  4. wilson Says:

    SunNN has the audio of that interview where Mulcair denied being offered a bribe:


  5. Audio: NDP’s Mulcair lies about never being offered bribe | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] head after Mulcair admitted the bribe attempt did indeed happen when he finally revealed this week (see here) that he had told the police about it in 2011, well after denying it to the […]

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