Postmedia newspaper collected money for drug dealers extorting Rob Ford

Wayne Moriarty

In a very fair article by a former Star editor on the journalistic ethics of the Toronto Star running its alleged Rob Ford video story (see here) was this stunning revelation that the Vancouver Province was collecting money from the public to pay the drug dealers for the video:

Help us buy the Rob Ford video

Gawker has published a post claiming a video exists of Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack. We do not know if this is true, but we would like to see it. Gawker claims to have seen it, but they did not want to pay the $100,000 being requested by the owner. Together, perhaps we can pay that. Surely there are 107,500 people who would be willing to pay $1 to see this video. (The extra $7,500 is to pay fees.)

Our promise

If we reach our goal, we will reach out to Gawker for their contact who has the video. If we are successful in obtaining it, and our legal counsel clears it for publication, we will publish it. If any of these things do not happen, your money will be refunded. You cannot lose.

But there’s more than one campaign… which should I fund?
While our campaign will return your funds if we come up short, another worthy campaign will donate them to an addiction centre. We won’t object if you choose that one!

Tell me how Wayne Moriarty, editor-in-chief of The Province  still has a job?


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