PM’s former legal advisor denies CTV Robert Fife’s Mike Duffy/cheque story


Yesterday, CTV’s Robert Fife ran this story:

Sources told CTV’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife that back in February, Benjamin Perrin helped draft the letter of understanding that called for Duffy to publicly declare that he would repay the money. In return, sources say, Wright would give a personal cheque to Duffy to cover the $90,000. Sources say the agreement also stipulated that a Senate investigation into expense claims would go easy on Duffy. (see here)

But according to these tweets from the National Post’s Kevin Libin, the story is untrue:
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Imagine Fife and CTV will be getting sued over this right?
Update: Text from Perrin’s statement

Last night’s CTV story in relation to me, which is based on unattributed sources, is false.

I was not consulted on, and did not participate in, Nigel Wright’s decision to write a personal cheque to reimburse Senator Duffy’s expenses.

I have never communicated with the Prime Minister on this matter.

In all my work, I have been committed to making our country a better place and I hope my record of service speaks for itself.


Ex-CTV reporter and current Liberal senator caught padding salary


In the never-ending saga of Senate scandals comes this one unearthed by HuffPost’s Althia Raj who found a Senate committee that rarely meets but the chair and co-chair still collect a nice fat pay-cheque regardless:

Two senators are each pocketing several thousand dollars annually to head a committee that meets once a year – and sometimes not at all.

Conservative Senator Elizabeth Marshall, the Tory whip, receives $11,200 annually to serve as the chair of the Senate’s selection committee. That is on top of her $135,200 salary and the $11,200 she receives to serve as the Government’s whip. Her counterpart, Senator Jim Munson, the Liberals’ whip, receives $5,600 to serve as the vice-chair of the selection committee in addition to his $135,200 paycheque and the $6,600 he receives as whip. (see here)

Will CTV go after their ex-journo colleague Jim Munson for his Senate salary abuse like they did with Mike Duffy?


Update: Conservative Senator Elizabeth Marshall has asked the Senate to look into her salaries as this ‘no-work committee’s chair

Conservative Senator Elizabeth Marshall says she has asked the Senate Rules Committee to look at whether some of the additional pay she receives for extra work is appropriate. (see here)

Obviously the Conservative Party agrees with my “padding” assessment unlike a certain conservative blogger who thinks it’s just fine for senators to receive money from the taxpayers for no work.

Star’s DiManno wants her employer to buy Rob Ford video


The Toronto Star’s Rosie DiManno has now joined the list of drug dealer enablers:

Plea to my publisher: Buy it. Buy that video which allegedly shows Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack. (see here)

And this quote from that column is all you need to know about DiManno:

Ethics shmethics, boss.


Sun News Warren Kinsella collecting money for drug dealers extorting Rob Ford


Sun News Warren Kinsella has now joined in on the despicable act of collecting money to pay the drug dealers who say they have a video of Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine. Keep in mind that he is a lawyer:

Shit From Hell, Canada’s best-loved geriatric punk combo, is entering the studio to record a song to raise funds for the purchase of the “Rob Ford smoking something illicit” video. (see here)

Tell me how Kinsella is still employed by Sun News.

Also: See earlier post of the Postmedi newspaper, The Province doing the same here

h/t Matt Skinner

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