Ex-CTV reporter and current Liberal senator caught padding salary


In the never-ending saga of Senate scandals comes this one unearthed by HuffPost’s Althia Raj who found a Senate committee that rarely meets but the chair and co-chair still collect a nice fat pay-cheque regardless:

Two senators are each pocketing several thousand dollars annually to head a committee that meets once a year – and sometimes not at all.

Conservative Senator Elizabeth Marshall, the Tory whip, receives $11,200 annually to serve as the chair of the Senate’s selection committee. That is on top of her $135,200 salary and the $11,200 she receives to serve as the Government’s whip. Her counterpart, Senator Jim Munson, the Liberals’ whip, receives $5,600 to serve as the vice-chair of the selection committee in addition to his $135,200 paycheque and the $6,600 he receives as whip. (see here)

Will CTV go after their ex-journo colleague Jim Munson for his Senate salary abuse like they did with Mike Duffy?


Update: Conservative Senator Elizabeth Marshall has asked the Senate to look into her salaries as this ‘no-work committee’s chair

Conservative Senator Elizabeth Marshall says she has asked the Senate Rules Committee to look at whether some of the additional pay she receives for extra work is appropriate. (see here)

Obviously the Conservative Party agrees with my “padding” assessment unlike a certain conservative blogger who thinks it’s just fine for senators to receive money from the taxpayers for no work.


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  1. Ian Says:

    Hmm wasn’t there a big issue the other day about journalists being friends of these politicians, and their journalistic integrity? Ol Bob Fife seems pretty chummy with Senator Munson in that photo. Also one has to wonder what kind of salaries and expense accounts these journalists like Duffy, Wallin and Munson must have had before becoming Senators. It seems like they’ve been used to a gravy train atmosphere which they just can’t give up.

  2. DW Says:


  3. Liz J Says:

    The whole lot of them need to be audited, the government should demand or order it done, assuming they have the power to do so. The whiners in the media and opposition should be on board with that or STFU.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Think about how many MPs and Senators would be outed as expense cheats

      • don morris Says:

        All of them. Or maybe there ARE a few honest MP’s or Senators, but they’re probably in a tiny minority.

        The situation is too tempting,the rules deliberately written vaguely, for the very reason that,if caught, they can always claim they didn’t understand the rules.

        Considering there are so many lawyers in the political arena, you know they’ve done it this way to cover their asses if there’s a scandal.

        Kate at SDA always hopes for an asteroid. Would it be too much to ask for TWO asteroids, one for Ottawa and one for Washington?

  4. Dave Williams Says:

    The real question is “who signs off on their expense reports”?

  5. Sandy Crux Says:

    This is what I am talking about when I complain conservatives can be petty and short sighted. There isn’t a level of gov’t in this country that does not give a stipend for Chairing or Vice-Chairing a committee. It is for work over and above their usual work. It is not padding. Even if a committee only meets occasionally, or not at all, they still do work behind the scenes. I know because the Ontario MPP I worked for was Chair of an Ontario energy committee. As his EA, he and I did lots of work, reporting writing and letter writing. Yet, the members only met twice a year.

    I know you just want to get back at Fife and Munson. But, look for honest to goodness padding like on expense accounts or residence expenses. Even then, be careful, it costs money to live in Ottawa as well as your riding. Some share accommodation with other MPs, others bring their families. But, either way, they still have to maintain the principle residence in their riding.

    I know I won’t make any friends saying this, but if conservative bloggers keep up this witch hunt (and $5,600 represents a witch hunt), it will no doubt negatively affect 2015 — and for no substantive reason at all. MPs earn what they earn. Why anyone would run for public office beats me. They definitely lose for winning.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Sandy, I really haven’t cared what you’ve thought about my blog posts since you defended the CBC. Don’t waste your or my time telling me what you think I should or should not blog about and then daring to put a link to your blog site posting on here.

      Worry about yourself and your own blog…

  6. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    A long time ago I worked indirectly for a Speaker of the Senate and he was forever jetting off to meetings of the Commonwealth or whatever in nice locales.

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