Star’s DiManno wants her employer to buy Rob Ford video


The Toronto Star’s Rosie DiManno has now joined the list of drug dealer enablers:

Plea to my publisher: Buy it. Buy that video which allegedly shows Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack. (see here)

And this quote from that column is all you need to know about DiManno:

Ethics shmethics, boss.



5 Responses to “Star’s DiManno wants her employer to buy Rob Ford video”

  1. Pissedoff Says:

    So DiManno thinks that if Ford or one of his supporters get hold of it they will alter it. Just my feeling if she or the Red Rag she works for get their hands on it.

  2. Greg Says:

    So if the STAR could buy a video that appears to be Dalton and Smithermen at a meeting for NAMBLA to party with boys and crusade of legalize men2boy sex, do you think they would even believe the video or go near it since Furious George and Dalton McLiar were their beloved tyrants that gave us the GREEN energy ACT and eHealth scams. NO, but because the video id Rob Ford, the STAR went as far to smear the Muslims somali community as bogus refugees here in canada to raise money for jihad via the drug trade. Where’s the Muslim outrage over this smear???, or is it that the islamists have a shared hatred for the West and love the leaders that aid in destroying it from within.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    Rob Ford whatever he is smokin’ if anything at all is preferable to all of the above who are having a lefty breakdown.
    It’s not like he was found at 787 Dundas st. naked, with a underage Asian “masseuse” now is it?
    I would vote for Rob Ford.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The star makes TMZ look high class

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