Questions for Media Party regarding their coverage of Rob Ford vs Jack Layton

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In light of the alleged Rob Ford crack-smoking video, I got to remembering how the Media Party defended  Jack Layton being caught naked by the police in that Toronto whorehouse and came up with a few ‘questions’ for them:

1) How old would the Ford video have to be for the Media Party to say ‘that was a long time ago’ like they did about Layton’s whorehouse visit?

2) When will the Media Party start saying about Ford that “he was never arrested or charged” like they did with Layton’s whorehouse visit?

3) When will the Media Party start ripping CTV for daring to report on a politician like they did with Sun News and Layton’s whorehouse visit?

4) When will the Media Party start calling it a ‘smear campaign’ against Rob Ford like they did with Layton’s whorehouse visit?

And I’m sure when the CBC makes a Rob Ford movie, they will omit any reference to the crack video same as they did with Layton’s whorehouse visit right?


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  1. Dwight W. Kematch Says:

    I really agree that this should stop. Robyn Doolittle and her little pack of wolves are having a field day whenever Rob Ford does something. I think she lied when Cook said she was offered $40,000 and stated the Star would never pay for that. The media in Canada is biased and it is unfair with what is happening to Ford.

    The Arena with Michael Coren ran an excellent piece on the “Ford Syndrome.” When and how did Somali drug dealers become so reputable?

  2. Jen Says:

    What the difference…..Jack Layton signed a coalition agreement with the media party’s very own favourite party..the Liberal party.And any friend of the liberals are and protected by the media.

  3. Liz J Says:

    What’s hard to understand about the abuse meted out to Ford on a regular basis by the media, why does he put up with it without a fight? Why doesn’t he at least threaten to sue their asses off if allegations are untrue? I’m sure this abuse is affecting his family as well. It’s really unprecedented. If that’s the doctrine of the Left at work we better start fighting them at every turn or we are in big trouble.

    • Ian Says:

      There was a great segment on Sun News last night. The left doesn’t like Ford because he isn’t one of them. He didn’t go to private school or hang with the elite beautiful people.

      • Jen Says:

        That was Ezra who said that and more on his opening show May 20th which lasted for about 25 mins before introducing the first segment of show.
        I tried to locate that video tape of his opening statement but can’t find it
        I guess SNN got rid of it.

    • wilson Says:

      Maybe he is waiting for Sunday, that’s the deadline for the $200k to purchase the video, then the RCMP can investigate into the blackmail, and all those complicit when it is posted on the internet.

  4. Lyndia Says:

    I have been thinking about this whole situation. Maybe, Ford, knowing he is innocent or has a good reason for the video (set up), is waiting for the “video” to come out before he sues. Or, he is just fed up having to defend himself at every turn and decided to stay quiet and watch what happens in the media before saying anything. Legally, I have read and heard, better to say nothing until the whole scam comes out.

  5. Liz J Says:

    Anyone who pays drug dealers money to acquire a photo which may be/more likely is, a fake are contributing to drug dealers to buy and sell more illegal drugs. They should be identified and charged.

  6. sean Says:

    Living in BC, I never followed Toronto politics too closely. However, the furore over Rob Ford changed that. When he was first elected, I assumed that the left were just going after him because he is a simple man with conservative beliefs and an image problem.

    However, after some reconsideration, I came to the conclusion that he is simply unfit for office and his severe character flaws should preclude ideological conservatives from giving him their support; partisan Conservatives will likely continue as they have. I believed this long before there was any mention of the crack video.

    So far, the Star’s reporters have been proven mostly correct on their reporting on Ford. During the mayoral election, they reported he was charged in the US for drunk driving and possession of marijuana. He obfuscated, twisted the facts, and in my opinion outright lied about the whole thing until the police reports were produced.

    Another example is when the Star reported he was drunk, swearing at people around him, and removed from a Maple Leafs’ game. Rob Ford’s response was to deny he was even there. He lied and later admitted to the truth. These are just two examples, but I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

    I was visiting family in the US when the story of Jack Layton’s trip to the “massage” parlour came out, but I seem to remember, as I listened to radio over the internet and read the papers online, that the story lead the news for a while, but was later drowned out by Layton’s denial of misconduct, NDP spin doctors saying that private lives should remain private, and questions about whether the police officer who gave the information had improperly held on to his notebooks (which he later returned to the police).

    No doubt the media have gone soft on left wing figures and are usually hostile to conservative beliefs. However, Rob Ford’s own behaviour has brought disrepute to the city of Toronto and the conservative movement as a whole when it chooses to defend him and attack the media instead.

  7. Pd Says:

    Here’s one for you Dean:

    Can you impersonate Rob Ford? Are you his look-alike?
    Currently casting a Rob Ford, for a short comedy to be filmed in downtown Toronto.
    Filming will take place early May, one day only.
    If interested please send photos or video.
    Improv/comedy skills a plus.
    Thank you.
    Location: Toronto
    Compensation: $200 Day Rate
    Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
    Please, no phone calls about this job!
    Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

    • don morris Says:

      Were I a rich man,I would put out a casting call for “Rub N’ Tug Jack” the story of a politician with a taste for very young women.

      His wife has already been cast by the CBC,the former porn star, so I see no reason to change her role, but who could I get to play R & T Jack?

      Probably no one in Canada.

    • Wayne Burkart Says:

      This ad was just removed. I was posting to wikipedia and the link worked at 2:45am EST, 5 June 2013, but by 3:16 the ad is no longer available. There was however another ad posted 18 January 2012, which is still there for now. I am shocked that the April ad suddenly disappeared. Something very dark is afoot in TO.

  8. real conservative Says:

    Rob is now a hero to all those young NDP and Liberal voters. The left have shot themselves in the foot again.

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