Did Mulcair lie about not accepting cash bribe?


In a devastating column by Sun News’ Eric Duhaime, he asks this pointed question on NDP leader Thomas Mulcair lying to the media (listen here) about whether he was ever offered a bribe:

If Mulcair lied in 2010 about the envelope offered by Vaillancourt, could he also lie about the fact that he refused it? (see here)

That is result of Mulcair not coming clean 19 years ago – he’s tainted.


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  1. Robert Connon Says:

    Perhaps he accepted the “financial help” 20 years ago and possibly has been accepting the “financial help” ever since.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    In the political chess game known as politics, this amounts to the right calling ‘check’ on the opposition ,including the msm as regards the non-stop Conservative muckraking that has been going on for some time and has escalated to an epidemic level .

    We have reached a point of zero productivity in the House with casualties abounding on both sides of the aisle. We have been here so many times before…most specifically when PM Harper was leading minority gov’ts for so many years.

    One could quite freely blame the opposition for this ‘clog in the drain’ epidemic in Ottawa but that would be letting the real culprits continue their unabated assault on our democracy.
    Yes I am referring to the nefarious and unelected mainstream media party, who have completely abandoned their job of measured reporting of the pertinent events of the day in favour of partisan reporting as they see fit.

    We are now seeing the erosion of effective governance of our country, as the message that gets out is ‘stroked’ in favour of whatever the media perceives the public should think and more importantly feel. All the while the gov’t is in constant damage control and legislation is effectively stifled.
    Don’t misunderstand me… wrong is wrong and there are a few senators ,among others that should do the right thing and step down. We can only hope.
    However I doubt the media will press the disturbing revelations of such as Mr Mulcair’s withholding of damning information, as that just does not fit their agenda.

    What does fit their agenda is being king maker or breaker…a power they cannot be allowed to hold.
    Politics in this country or any Western nation will not change until such time as the Media has its proverbial back broken as they are unelected and unaccountable to the electorate, yet aspire to and do hold so much power.

    Until we as a society address the root causes of our dysfunctional governance then one can only imagine things getting worse.

    A good place to start would be with the media.

    Another would be politicians who are lacking in honour.

  3. DW Says:

    He said he looked away and left. What did he look away from and why? He, as a member of the Bar, is obligated to report abuse (bribes) and criminality of any sort, as a lawyer and member of the Bar.

  4. Jen Says:

    Ask Evan Solomon or Don Martin or any other the same question Dean and let’s see how fast they comment.
    No noise from the media is because Mulcair is not a Conservative to break loose on the story whether it is true or not.
    Mulcair is a NDP friends of the liberals by coalition agreement therefore nothing to tell.

  5. don morris Says:

    No, Mr.Mulcair didn’t lie when he said he didn’t accept the bribe. He lied when he said he was never offered a bribe.

    Mr.Mulcair, not “Thomas”,but “Tom”,or “our boy Tommy”, is an excellent Leader for the NDP,and I refuse to listen to anyone who would cast aspersions on his good name.

    Mr.Mulcair is exactly the Leader we need to represent the Opposition in the 2015 election.

    Now,if this will get by the censors….

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