Financial Post’s Peter Foster rips Postmedia colleague Andrew Coyne for having Harper Derangement Syndrome

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The Financial Post’s Peter Foster took two of the Media Party’s biggest names, CBC’s Neil MacDonald and National Post’s Andrew Coyne, apart for their blind hatred of PM Stephen Harper:

What this [Duffy] “affair” has exposed more than anything is a pandemic of Harper Derangement Syndrome, combining lack of  proportion with an almost psychopathic desire on the part of the media to “get” a Prime Minister who won’t pander to their self-importance. (see here)

Nice to finally see someone in the media put Andrew Coyne in his place – even better that it’s a Postmedia colleague.


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  1. Jen Says:

    Here is another story to add to the list:

    Home > Straight Talk >Code of silence crosses party lines
    Code of silence crosses party lines

    7:10 am, May 24th, 2013

  2. Alain Says:

    Peter Foster is spot on and that is a most accurate description of the consensus media in Canada, or perhaps one should call them the partisan/policial media.

  3. Agent Smith Says:

    Fine article by Foster – a little perspective. Duffy and Wallin padding expense accounts crooked but on balance as far as political scandals are concerned yawn inducingly banal. Nigel Wright was stupid, dismiss him and move on. But as to the gotterdamerung scenarios being assiduously spun by the media gollums – time to break out the industrial grade smelling salts.

  4. Dirt Says:

    He nailed what’s happening, the media are out of control and frankly I won’t go anywhere near liberal media outlets anymore. They sicken me with thier trumped up fake scandals.

  5. Barry Says:

    Check John Ivison in the Post today. His article includes “Mr. Harper mistrusts the media and by extension the public.” Since when is the media an extension of the public? Me thinks Mr. Iverson suffers the some “pandering to self-importance” that Peter Foster refers to. Seems Duffy was a senior member of the media fraternity – wonder how many view him as an extension of themselves these days?

    • Alain Says:

      How right you are. It is laughable that the media party thinks they represent the public, but then again that is also a bogus lie of the CBC.

  6. john Says:

    “….to “get” a Prime Minister who won’t pander to their self-importance.”

    This is a perfect phrase. I’m glad he said it. I’m glad you quoted it.

    The PPG are unbelieveably self important. I remember when they decided to boycott Harper. I remember laughing and thinking “You guys really don’t get it do you?”.

    Andrew Coyne is one of the worst. He is so arrogant and full of himself that he’s pretty much a caricature of an wealthy, effete, urban media snob.

    If you imagined a modern Canadian male version of Marie Antionette, Andrew Coyne would fit the description perfectly.

  7. Jen Says:

    Will the media party hound Foster for daring to rip about CBC’s own reporter COyne?

  8. Sean M Says:

    Finally, a little sanity from someone in the media. Calling out the Trudeau media for what they are is a refreshing change from the breathless “outrage” and shoddy, immaturity of the “gotcha” BS that passes for journalism in this country. This latest exaggeration of Conservative “scandal” conjured and promoted by the media has been a nauseating spectacle indeed. Coyne is so deranged and un-serious he’s become a laughable joke, he is a prime example of the mind ravaging decay of someone who suffers from both “trudeaumania” (a mental disorder) and “Harper derangement syndrome” an equally ravaging mental disorder.

  9. jen Says:

    The brainwashed media is walking on a fine line; it is ‘THEY’ that the opposition parties are using to their hearts’ content.
    There is no way out for any of those reporters once they are caught and leashed by the opposition parties…. or else, if ‘any’ try to escape from the opposition parties stronghold most likely they (reporters) will be ‘fired’ thrown out from the media circle cult.
    Nothing would surprise that the media were WARNED to keep the liberals and ndp coalition parties’ scandals at a VERRRRRRRY LOW KEY.

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