NDP MP caught owing $58,000 in back taxes


I’m sure the irony of a socialist not paying his fair share of taxes will be lost on the Lefty media and other NDP supporters:

Revenue Quebec says NDP MP Tyrone Benskin owes nearly $60,000 in back taxes and plans to garnish his salary until it is repaid.

Court documents indicate the 54-year-old former actor did not pay all or part of his provincial tax bill between 2007 and 2011. (see here)

Just don’t bet on NDP leader Mulcair doing the right thing and kicking Benskin out of caucus.

Hoang Mai

Update: A 2nd NDP MP has been now outed as owing back taxes as well

Another NDP MP, Hoang Mai, is also in the process of paying money back that is owed to Quebec’s revenue agency.

“I was self-employed before I became a member of Parliament and I still owed some taxes. I made arrangements with the Quebec government to meet my obligations and pay my taxes, as every citizen should. I declared this entire matter to the ethics commissioner,” Mai said in a statement.

The MP for Brossard–La Prairie worked as a lawyer in private practice and is the former treasurer of the NDP’s Quebec chapter. When he was elected in 2011 he was named revenue critic but in January 2013, Mulcair moved him to the role of deputy justice critic. Mai did not say in his statement how much money he owes to the government. (see here)

Why hasn’t Mulcair removed Mai as critic as well?


7 Responses to “NDP MP caught owing $58,000 in back taxes”

  1. andycanuck Says:

    Maybe he wants to get into Obama’s cabinet?

  2. don morris Says:

    I just don’t believe it! The guy is an “artist” who has presented a Bill to help artists average their income,thus paying less taxes. I have no problem with that, as athletes do the same,BUT,the socialist gentleman should pay his taxes.

    Even if he isn’t Conservative.

    btw,Dean,ARE there different laws depending on one’s political persuasion? Not that I’m suggesting anything controversial.

    • BC Blue Says:

      What confuses me the most is Benskin has been making $160K for the last two years…

    • Jen Says:

      If he a conservative, Charlie Angus and NDP would be holding a Press Conference demanding immediate arrest and jail time.

  3. Jeramy Says:

    I live in Quebec and I don’t make a lot of money. Yet, even though I don’t have to pay a lot of income tax to Quebec,I do have to pay a $200 health tax and a $550 prescription drug fee. So $750 just to be a resident of Quebec . Okay so you are saying fine. Ok, but this guy can’t pay his fair share from an income 5 times mine? I don’t get to eat because I have to pay a $200 health tax. I am guessing this jerk hasn’t missed any meals.

  4. Ian Says:

    The opposition keeps bleating on about the conservatives abuse of taxpayers money while their members don’t abuse them but just don’t pay their taxes

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