Trudeau says he supports Senate because “It’s to our advantage” in Quebec

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Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has now stated he won’t support any Senate reform that would take away Quebec’s political sway over every other province:

“We have 24 senators from Quebec and there are just six from Alberta and British Columbia. It’s to our advantage” (see here)

That sure doesn’t sound like a PM in waiting does  it?

Looking forward to the Media Party trying to cover for Trudeau after once again playing up this divisive ‘us vs them’ political game.

Also: See earlier post on Trudeau bashing Albertans and saying Quebecers run the country better here



15 Responses to “Trudeau says he supports Senate because “It’s to our advantage” in Quebec”

  1. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    Well it seems to be working as he is doing very well in polls in Quebec. Back to the old game.

    • wilson Says:

      Looks like Trudeau has decided his energy is wasted on gaining support in the West, he would gain more by being true to his roots and beat Mulcair in Quebec.
      He’s right.

    • Says:

      Agree – but polls have been severely wonky lately, witness B.C and Alta w/ the Wildrose phenom.

      Perversely if an election were held today given the present state of things with the CPC taking such a shellacking the NDP house of cards may stand a little longer. With riding splits a weakened CPC may end up momentarily prop up this scurrilous gang of misfits a la weekend at Bernie’s. The dips would come thru diminished somewhat the libs somewhat enlarged but nothing decisive. Just blue skying here.

      The dolphin needs to get past the dippers first to make serious inroads against the CPC. The next election is going to be fascinating

    • Ian Says:

      Like I’ve said in posts on other Trudeau topics, let him speak and eventually he’ll dig his own grave. The problem with him is that he has been enjoying the MSM fawning over him so much that he now thinks he can do no wrong or say no wrong. Just wait though until the media gets tired of his spoiled brat act and finally wake up.

  2. Liz J Says:

    So is Justin all about Quebec, whatever happens to be to the advantage of his province of Quebec the ROC can just shut up and put up? We’ll see how that all plays out when the real polls are tallied.

  3. Jen Says:

    which media party doing best protecting Trudeau….Quebec media party or ROC media party?
    All the sucking up and wiping Justin’s backside by Don Martin, Fife, Evan Solomon etc was a waste of time now eh….now that Trudeau prefers Quebec over you useless ROC reporters.

  4. LynnS Says:

    Yeah, no politics of division here. LOL!

  5. Sean M Says:

    It’s patently obvious that besides being a complete moronic dips##t who’s only claim to fame is his detestable name, Turd jr. is an unapologetic francophone supremacist, just like his vile old man. Anyone who has checked out Turd Jr’s breathlessly inept “performances” in the HOC knows that #2 is just an actor, a terrible actor, play acting as a politician, just like his creepy Father. As terrible as #2 is, he is the medias boy/man no matter how awful he may be, the media will promote this turd no matter what idiotic statements he may utter, but I must also admit that the little supremacist bigot makes me laugh my butt off. # 2’s breathless, lispy “outrages” and his inexplicable arrogance and self importance during media scrums are hilariously funny! Trying desperately to remember his lines (talking points) is a laugh riot! The only thing missing from Trudopes act these days is the various styles of pirate beards. Excellent fodder for continuing “attack ads”. God help Canada if this intellectual skidmark ever gets near the PMO!

  6. Trudeau-nausea — Says:

    […] The man-boy who would be king… of Quebec: […]

    • don morris Says:

      If Justin aspires to be le Roi Du Quebec,I have no problem with that.

      Like so many other politicians who were born and raised in Quebec,including Mulroney,Trudeau seems to feel much more emotionally attached to Quebec he is to Canada. When I grew up in Manitoba, it was always Canada first, the Province a distant second,not so with Quebecers.

      Yeah, King Justin,I like that, only take your share of the debt and forget about any more handouts from us.

      • Jen Says:

        Don’t forget that Quebec is not part of the constitution nor would PET allowed them to be.

  7. Liz J Says:

    Justin seems consistent in saying one thing in Quebec and something else entirely in the ROC. It appears he has already separated the two so does that mean he will be able to represent the best interests of ALL Canadians while catering to Quebec’s every whim?

  8. LynnS Says:

    “Demagoguery?” Apparently he doesn’t realize that he is describing himself.

  9. Gordon Campbell-not HIM Says:

    Daddy’s looks,Mommy’s brain.

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