Video: Amateur shows how to easily make a fake Rob Ford video


I take this how the maker of the video intended it – he’s calling out the media who stated that it is impossible to fake a Rob Ford crack-smoking video.




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  1. Greg Renouf Says:

    Antonia Zerbisias is a bit biased- she’ll support any cause of the left, seemingly without caring for the truth. She’s also promoted the violent anarchists who smashed-up Toronto during the G20. When I wrote about that she threatened to use her column to smear me- classy dame…

  2. john Says:

    But …. But … but. Antonia Zerbisias is an expert on electronic forgery. She also an expert on multiverse cosmology, international finance, chaos theory, Egyptian politics, neurosurgery, deep sea geology, quantum computational engineering, 2nd Century Samoan poetry and finger painting.

    She’s a newspaper columnist. They know everything.

  3. Honey Says:

    Looks pretty fake to me, and don’t forget Ford is said to have a conversation in the video too.

  4. don morris Says:

    Hm,I’ve seen at least two “experts” opine it was impossible to fake the alleged and as yet unseen “Ford Smokin’ Crack” video.

    Of course, over the many tears I’ve been around, I’ve heard lots ‘n lots of “experts” whose opinion turned out to be totally wrong!

    As they say is Missour-ah,”show me”.

    ps: I have this theory, my un-expert opinion,that Warren Kinsella and Antonia Zerbisias were Siamese twins separated at birth.

  5. Agent Smith Says:

    Not bad and pretty durned entertainin’ for a quick vid. I imagine some other talented people with more sophisticated software and time to burn combined with the psychotic lefty anti-Ford mentality could cook up something halfway convincing. Good enough hopefully for the lefty loosers to cough up the moula for the tape – and then have it scrutinzed by real pros just to see it fall apart.

  6. Michael Harkov Says:

    I hear polling “experts” flapping their yaps all of the time, too. We all know about the stellar results of their “findings” lately as well.

  7. Intelligent Journalist . . . Now that is an oxymoron. Says:

    Antonia Zerbisias is to intelligent as a rock is to a slug.

    We should pity her for having a job that forces her to display her mental handicap every day.

  8. Jen Says:

    As long as the public are brainwashed into thinking that Ford used coke without any proof is all that matters to the media. And when it is proven to be false the media try to make nice with Ford -afraid that they will be sued. Nevertheless, the damage is done exactly the way the media planned it.

    Trudeau on the other hand smoked Hashish and that is not a problem.

  9. paulsstuff Says:

    The guy who made the video is a good friend of mine. He will be on 1010AM tommorrow morning at 7:15.

  10. don morris Says:

    ” For many, it feels like The Beverly Hillbillies have taken over at City Hall. –

    This quote pretty well sums up what sophisticated Torontonians feel about Ford,and for that they would like to kill him,no less.

    It’s truly sad how in this Country a “proper” type of politician can get away with anything short of murder,Layton,Chretien,May,etc., but a person the media Party considers “not right” for the job will be hounded to death.

    I hope,for his sake, Ford is on the up-and-up,and sues the Star into bankruptcy after this is all over.

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