Photo: What passes for a Canadian reporter nowadays


Catherine Porter of the Toronto Star fully displays what the state of Canadian journalism has become.


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  1. Guffman Says:


  2. BC Blue Says:

    Stunning isn’t it?

    • Guffman Says:

      Sadly, not really for the Star. And the Globe and Mail is not far behind with their ‘crack’, in-depth research and reporting to inform us all that Doug Ford may have sold hash as a teenager 30 yrs ago. Honestly, I couldn’t give a rats ass if any city councillor made poor decisions as a teenager – Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Green or whatever. especially if there were never any arrests or criminal records involved.
      Like politics, it’s all just become trash and gotcha journalism these days with the MSM – absolutely nothing is below them, especially regarding anyone on the right. Rob Ford had it dead right calling out the “maggots”.

      • real conservative Says:

        Heck half the reporters I know snort a mean line or drink like a fish and they write to prove it! I don’t hold it against them that they are useless?

  3. Robbie Says:

    A fine example of TorStar’s low budget advertising, and their stellar investigative reporting practices.

    • Ian Says:

      Why didn’t she just write, “I work at the Toronto Star. Will you talk to me about Rob Ford, where I will offer you cash for a phoney scandalous story”

  4. Liz J Says:

    The thought process of a leftist brain on display, it’s so hard wired they’re beyond therapy.

  5. Dwight W. Kematch Says:

    New career, forget law school. Journalism here I come.

    • john Says:

      Why bother? Anything they teach you in a four year journalism degree you can pick up in a few weeks of study.

  6. Harry Moon Says:

    they need to keep the voters minds off the power plant scandal!

    • Jen Says:

      And liberal Mayor of London, Ont Joe Fontana who was charged by the police for taking thousands of dollars from the Ontarians to pay for his son’s wedding., refuses step down from Office.

  7. Michael Harkov Says:

    All that missing is a “spare change” jar.

  8. Sean M Says:

    Desperate for attention much… This is just what one would expect from an advocacy group or an activist organization, but from the media? It’s well past the time that the lefty media in this country stop pretending to be “journalists” and admit that they are nothing less than advocacy activists for the “progressive cause”. Whatever small amount of credibility the media had left is disintegrating by the minute, they’ve completely lost it, and don’t even pretend anymore. “Maggots”… indeed.

  9. Joseph Says:

    I hear the maggots are considering a defamation suit for Ford associating them with the Toronto Star.

    • Niall Says:

      Dear Joseph,

      That is the laugh-out-loud funniest thing I have heard in almost a month !!

      Chuckle 😉

      Niall from Winnipeg

      PS: even maggots have some self-respect; well enough anyway to organize a class action slander lawsuit.

  10. Jack Allore Says:

    Typical brain-dead progressive loser.

  11. Magnafan (@Magnafan) Says:

    Whatever those two Star reporters are doing would earn them a failing grade at first year Rye Journalism.
    Oh, yeah, this story will be discussed in Jou Ethics, but not for the reasons those reporters believe.
    Just wondering. No lefty city council oddballs are worth investigating?

  12. Jen Says:

    you know something while she stands there begging for news on anything on Rob Ford, but never did it cross her empty head that part of her icome tax goes to pay CBC so they can live ‘high on the hog’ with her money. Why doesn’t she come down from the rafters and start investigating into CBC expenditures. Or, could it be that CBC is paying into TS so they, star reporters, are to keep their trap shut.

  13. Dirt Says:

    So what actually construes crossing the line between news and stalking Ford??? I’d be looking at getting a restraining order for all of Star’s employees hence forth.

  14. Stan Says:

    It’s obvious someone is on crack, but the odds of it being Rob Ford are a lot slimmer than the odds of it being the staff of the Star.
    Time to test the Star reporters!

  15. Ed Says:

    Looks like she couldn’t find anything in the garabge can.

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