National Post’s Andrew Coyne – Media Party’s biggest hypocrite?


You have to give the National Post’s Andrew Coyne credit for having the chutzpah to demand political parties stop doing the exact same thing that his industry is allowed:

The exemptions include telemarketing calls made by, or on behalf of:

  • Canadian registered charities;
  • Political parties, riding associations and candidates; and
  • Newspapers of general circulation for the purpose of soliciting subscriptions. (see here)

As well, Coyne could also lead by example, climb down from his high-horse and post his CBC-expensed charges online (including receipts) for all to see.

National--At-Issue coyne

Also: Adding to the hypocrite list, when will CP’s Jennifer Ditchburn be posting her own CBC-expenses online as well? (see here)

dichburn coyne

Update: Ezra Levant calls out Coyne for vehemently opposing Sun News’ application with the CRTC for a carriage license while being silent on the CBC’s (watch here)

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