Senator who allowed expense abuses to occur refuses to accept any blame


Conservative Senator David Tkachuk obviously doesn’t have an ounce of the quality that is supposed to separate us Conservatives from the Liberals and Socialists – the concept of taking personal responsibility.

Tkachuk when asked about the Senate scandal surrounding Mike Duffy says “I’m disgusted” (see here) but refuses to accept any blame for chairing the Senate committee (see here) which allowed all these abuses to occur.

Also don’t forget that Tkachuk himself skirted the rules to expense $100,000 in personal travel in 1997 and recently defended (and covered-up) for senators caught expensing personal items on Senate credit cards as well as the perk of taxpayers footing the bill for family members’ travels (see here).

Every single Senator on that Internal Economy committee should resign in disgrace and apologize to Canadians for allowing these illegalities to slide by under their noses.



Trudeau blames “right-wing folks of fearmongering” about Omar Khadr


Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has an impossible time keeping his foot out of his mouth when it comes to defending terrorists but this time he goes even further saying it’s us lunatic conservatives who aren’t being nice to poor little Omar Khadr:

“I think there’s an awful lot of fear-mongering going out there by right-wing folks”

And then goes on to say that he’s happy to have this murderer here in Canada’s jails because of how he was treated by the Americans:

“A much fairer justice system than what he’s faced in the past” (watch here apx 1:35 mark)

This affection for terrorists runs deep within the Liberal Party. Keep in mind that it was Jean Chretien who helped free Khadr’s father Ahmed Said from the Pakistani authorities in 1996.

How many people died because of Chretien’s sympathy and how many would die due to Trudeau’s?

Also: See my column on Trudeau talking about root causes after Boston Marathon bombing here


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